MCPS Careers: Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  1. Under the Certificate License section of the job description for which I want to apply it reads "Completion of the MCPS (specific test) at the required score." Where do I go to take these specific MCPS tests? 
  2. How do I indicate interest in a position when a vacancy does not exist? 
  3. I have not received a call or email from anyone at MCPS since I submitted by application. How do I know where I am in the hiring process? 
  4. How do I get assistance if I don't understand the profile and application process? 
  5. How do I find out when a new vacancy is advertised? 
  6. If I am not a certified teacher, where can I get information about the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) certification requirements? 
  7. Where do I see the closing date for a position vacancy? 
  8. How do I know that a position I applied for was filled by someone else? 
  9. How do I know how many hours the position requires? 
  10. How long do my jobs stay in my job cart? 
  11. Should I send my résumé to the Office of Human Resources and Development or to the school where I want to work? 
  12. What if I need help filling out my profile and applying for a specific job vacancy? 
  13. What if I don't find any jobs that match what I am looking for? 

Potential Candidate Questions

  1. What if I don't have an email account? 
  2. How do I apply for a teaching position? 
  3. I am a student teacher and would like a teaching job. How do I apply? 
  4. Why can't I see teaching positions at specific schools? 
  5. How long does the hiring process typically take? 
  6. How do I know what the salary is for a position you have advertised? 
  7. I am interested in substitute work only. How do I find out what positions you have available? 
  8. Is a background check required in order for me to be hired? 
  9. I don't have an email account but it is a requirement to create a MCPS Careers profile. What can I do? 
  10. What do I do if I don't have the phone numbers and contact information for all my references? 
  11. I have heard that MCPS has employee unions. Will I be required to join? 
  12. What jobs are classified into what unions? 

Current MCPS Employee Questions

  1. How will this affect the teacher / paraeducator transfer season? 
  2. I am a current MCPS substitute teacher. How does this affect me? 
  3. I am a current MCPS employee and I want to use a personal e-mail account rather than my MCPS e-mail account. I never log on to my MCPS e-mail account so even if I get an e-mail about a job being posted, I would not know about it. 
  4. I have never used my MCPS e-mail account. I don't remember the account name or the password. How do I get this information? 
  5. Why do I have to use MCPS Careers if I am being involuntarily transferred? 
  6. Why do current MCPS employees have a different job search link than potential employees? 
  7. As a current MCPS employee, why do I need to log in to search for job vacancies? 
  8. Will my existing manager be notified if I apply for a job? 
  9. Who will be able to access the information I enter in my profile?