How is the money targeted?

MCPS Budget - How the money is targeted - graph

FY 2017 Program Budget

MCPS has created a "Program Budget" that provides a summary of how MCPS invests its resources to support students within the following broad categories:

Programs that Provide Additional Support to Improve Student Achievement

Programs in this category include those that provide direct services to students to narrow the achievement gap. The resources and services provided by these programs are over - and above core general education programs and services.

Collaborative Partnership Programs To Improve Student Achievement

Programs included in this category are those that MCPS administers in partnership with other governmental, business, and community entities to support the instructional and social emotional needs of students and narrow the achievement gap.

Programs to Support School Improvement and Ensure High Quality Instruction

This category of programs includes those that focus on building the capacity of schools and staff to deliver the highest quality instruction.

Core Instructional Programs

The core instructional programs are those that serve all elementary, middle, and high school students.

School Operational Support Programs

School operational support programs are those that provide transportation, building services and maintenance, safety and security, and other support services to students and schools.

Systemwide Support Programs

Programs in this category include resources that support and provide leadership for systemwide policies and academic priorities, provide operational leadership, and administer business services that support MCPS students, schools, and employees.