Improving the Student Support Model


The Montgomery County Board of Education has recommended a $2.3 billion Operating Budget for next school year (2014–2015). The budget is a 4 percent increase over this year’s budget and is just 2.5 percent above the minimum funding level required by state law. This budget will allow MCPS to continue to provide all students with access to a world-class education while managing its enrollment growth. The budget also invests strategically in key areas that will allow MCPS to narrow the achievement gap and prepare students to thrive in their future.

One area of strategic investment is improving student support through a comprehensive student services team model that increases key staff members, including counselors, psychologists, and pupil personnel workers (PPWs). 

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Counselors, psychologists, and PPWs play a critical role in identifying and supporting the educational and noneducational needs of our students and helping them acquire the important social and emotional skills necessary to be successful 21st century citizens.

During difficult economic times, MCPS was not able to ensure that staffing levels in this key area kept up with enrollment growth. In order to better engage students and meet their social emotional needs, MCPS must reduce the caseloads of counselors, school psychologists, and PPWs.


The Board’s budget request includes $1.2 million to begin a multiyear plan to add student support staffing and reduce caseloads. These funds will add—

These positions will be deployed based on school enrollment and a variety of factors and data related to high school drop-out and absentee rates, mobility, and suspension rates. These variables will be weighted to identify schools with the most immediate needs.

These positions will support the effective operation of Coordinated Student Services Teams that align services and deliver the support our students need quickly, effectively, and efficiently.


The budget is now in the hands of the Montgomery County Executive and the Montgomery County Council.

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