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FY 2012 Operating Budget

Final (Approved) FY 2012 Operating Budget

The Montgomery County Board of Education passed a final Fiscal Year 2012 (FY 2012) operating budget on June 16, 2011, which includes $20 million in programmatic budget reductions, but no increase in overall class size.

ED Matters for News page - Christopher Barclay
Board of Education president, Christopher Barclay, leads a discussion about the 2012 Operating Budget Watch now 

Tentative Budget Action

County Executive's Recommended Budget

Adopted Budget

Recommended Budget Documents

  • Budget Fact Sheet: Two-page overview of the recommended budget (123K, PDF) (12/17/10) 
  • Budget in Brief: 90-page summary of the recommended budget (5.4M, PDF) (12/17/10) 
  • Complete Budget: The budget by organizational structure (12/17/10) 
  • Budget Q&A: Questions from the Board of Education about the recommended budget, and the answers to them (1/19/11) 
  • Program Budget: Breaks down budget by program (2/11/11) 
  • Possible Budget Reductions - Revised: A list of possible budget reductions if the county does not meet its funding obligation (3/9/11)