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Introduction and Overview

career readiness

MCPS and MC have partnered to provide Dual Enrollment opportunities to college ready students at all high schools as well as through Middle, Virtual Middle, and Early College options. Additional information about these programs is linked below.

Dual Enrollment opportunities allow MCPS college ready high school students to take limited college courses at no cost.

High school students are able to take select college courses offered on the high school campus (at select high schools), on a college campus, or online.  All college courses on the approved list that are successfully completed will receive dual credit by counting toward college and high school credit.  The courses will appear on the high school transcript unless requested that it not during the enrollment process.

For a one page detailed overview of all the MC/MCPS Collegiate Options click here and MC's Dual Enrollment webpage here.

For additional information on Dual Enrollment opportunities and programs, please visit the Career Postsecondary Office information webpage here.

After reviewing the information on this page, please contact your high school’s Dual Enrollment Program Assistant (DEPA) who will be able to assist you through the dual enrollment process.  Click here for a list of DEPAs and school deadlines.

Dual Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions


Early College, Middle College, PTECH, and Virtual Middle College  applicaiton links, schedule, deadlines, and other information can be found HERE.  The  program applicaitons for the 2024-2025 school year closed than November 3, 2023.

Assessment Information

Students who wish to take a college course should meet the minimum scores noted below on the SAT, ACT, and ACCUPLACER respectively, in addition to having an unweighted grade point average of 2.5 for seniors or 2.75 for juniors.  If students do not meet the test requirements they may be eligible to take a college course if they have a B or higher in the final semester of the following approved courses to determine college readiness in English and mathematics:

English:  AP Language and Composition; Honors English 12; Modern World History; Honors Modern World History; AP World History 

Mathematics:  All levels of Algebra 2

        Critical Reading/English/Language Arts                                 Mathematics   

SAT :  Reading subtest 26 or higher or Evidence-based Reading/Writing 480 or higher


ACT :  21 or higher


Next Generation ACCUPLACER :  Reading 263 or above AND Writing 263 or above


SAT :  530 or higher


ACT :  21 or higher


Next Generation ACCUPLACER : Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics 263 or above


Code of Conduct

Dually enrolled students must follow the student academic and behavior policies of both MCPS and MC:

College Transcript Request

When applying to colleges and universities, dually enrolled students should submit the college transcript with all other required documents.

Request an MC college transcript click

Financial Information

Beginning in the fall of the 2023-24 academic year all college courses approved at Montgomery College will be available for MCPS dually enrolled students at NO COST. All required costs related to college tuition will be covered by MCPS and MC during the MCPS academic school year.  All required cost related to fees, textbooks, and instructional materials for each approved course at MC will be covered by MCPS during the MCPS academic school year; this includes the fall, winter, and spring college terms

MC Financial Assistance (in the form of an MC High School Grant) may also be available for summer session courses. This assistance may cover the cost of tuition, fees and required textbooks depending on financial status, secondary school status and availability of funds. Students MUST apply through MC in order to obtain the High School Grant.

Learn More about Financial Assistance

Textbooks and Instructional Materials

MCPS students dually enrolled in a Montgomery College (MC) course during the fall, winter, and spring semesters will be provided with instructional materials and textbooks required for the course. MCPS will only provide the digital option of the textbook or other materials unless one is not available, then the physical version of the textbook will be provided. Students who prefer to use alternate textbook or materials (i.e. hardcopy versions) not provided by MCPS must purchase on their own and will not be reimbursed. NOTE that hard copy materials for online, virtual, and hybrid courses may only be available at one of the three MC campuses.

After MC course registration, students will receive an email to their MC email account from the bookstore with access codes for digital materials, and notification if any physical materials are available. Please note which campus bookstore sent the email notification as hard-copy materials are only available at that particular bookstore on one of three MC campuses. Students are responsible for picking up any physical textbooks or instructional materials assigned. Note that some textbooks may not immediately be available or assigned by the professor. As materials become available students may receive more than one notification. You will not be reimbursed if you choose to purchase materials on your own.

For questions, please contact the MC bookstore sending the notification or the bookstore on the campus in which the course is taught.

Students (or others) can use the instructions to check the materials listed for the course.   

  1. Visit the MC Bookstore
  2. Under the purple header, click Textbooks
  3. Input the student’s M#. Click Enter
  4. Choose the campus location and click Find Courses

You can also Shop by Courses. Follow the same instructions above, but in Step 3: choose “Enter Courses” and follow the prompts to search by class and CRN. 

Dual Enrollment Procedures

Montgomery College enrollment and registration procedures are followed by all school DEPAs.  Click here for a list of DEPAs and school deadlines. To initiate the process, students applying for this opportunity at MC should begin by visiting the Montgomery College Office of Academic Initiatives’ DE webpage for more specific information, procedures, and forms to begin the process prior to seeing their DEPA.  When completing the Montgomery College applicaiton, students should ensure that they verify that their name, address, and graduation date are match those on record with MCPS to ensure course grades, approvals, and other data are shared appropriately.

DEPAs please see instructions HERE.

Counselors please see instructions for approving and scheduling students HERE.

Counselors and Registrars please see instruction for grade changes and additions HERE.

What courses are offered through the Dual Enrollment Program?

Students in the DE Program can enroll in any approved college-level course from list for which they meet the requirements.

The courses offered through the DE program are typical courses of first year college students. They include courses which are first in a professional series, general education courses, and foundation courses.  Courses on the pre-approved list receive high school credit, courses not listed will need to be reviewed for consideration and approval if needed or requested for high school credit. 

To review the transferability of college courses between Maryland colleges and universities, visit the Articulation System for Maryland Colleges and Universities website.

For specific information related to college course options at your local high school, contact the high school counselor or click here for a list of DEPAs and school deadlines.

Montgomery College Courses approved for MCPS students

College Courses and High School Credit

As of the fall of 2013, all college courses taken by Montgomery County Public Schools students will count toward graduation credit and appear on the high school transcript unless requested at the time of enrollment in the college course that it does not by completing the Dual Credit Refusal Form (MCPS Form 280-93) and returning it the school counselor.

Beginning in the fall of the 2023-24 academic year MCPS will provide transportation from each MCPS high school to the nearest MC campus at specific times during the day. Transportation will be provided during the fall, winter, and spring Montgomery College semesters at specific times and on weekdays NOT designated as holidays by MCPS.

Only current dually enrolled MCPS students may take advantage of this transportation option and must provide a valid and current MCPS student ID to the driver.

A list of transportation times by high school can be found HERE.


Early College Sessions:

  •  Early College September 2022 Session Recording, can be found here and Passcode is:  Zt=j9S*P

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Virtual Middle College Sessions:

  •  Virtual Middle College Presentation - October 2022 (Presentation ONLY.  No recording)

For more details regarding Dual Enrollment at Montgomery College, go to

For more Career and Postsecondary Partnership Office information, go here.