Dual Enrollment MCPS and MC Partnership


Introduction and Overview

MCPS and MC have partnered to provide Dual Enrollment opportunities to college ready students at all high schools as well as Middle and Early College options.

Dual Enrollment opportunities allow MCPS college ready high school students to take college courses during the academic school year.  High school students who enroll and take a college course at any Maryland public college or university are able to do so at a reduced cost.

If students select to take courses at MC, and meet qualifications for and separately apply for the MC High School Grant, they may be able to take college courses at no tuition cost.  Students are able to take college courses offered on the high school campus (at select high schools), on a college campus, or online during the fall, winter and spring college terms of their junior and/or senior year.  All college courses taken and successfully completed will receive dual credit by counting toward college and high school credit.  The courses will appear on the high school transcript unless requested that it not during the enrollment process.

For additional information on Dual Enrollment opportunities and programs, contact the Career Postsecondary Office at 240-453-2490.

Frequently Asked Questions

Early College

Early College School

EarlyCollege SchoolMontgomery County Public School (MCPS) is pleased to announce an expanded dual enrollment partnership with Montgomery College (MC) to offer the first Early College (EC) Associate degree program on campus at MC for qualifying MCPS students.  The EC program will be offered at MC Rockville campus, and provide the option of earning an Associate of Arts in Teaching, Secondary Mathematics OR an Associate of Science, Mathematics track degree.  Participating students will complete their 11th and 12th grade years of high school while simultaneously completing their first two years of college.  They will graduate with an Associate's degree from MC as well as a Maryland State High School diploma.  

To participate in the program students must have at least the following by the end of Grade 10:  

  • Earned Tech credit and PE/Health credit; 
  • Taken mathematics and English state assessments; 
  • Assessed college ready and prepared to take Calculus in the fall;  
  • Have an unweighted GPA of 2.75 or higher at the end of their 10th grade year;  
  • Met or be near completion of required SSL hours; 
  • Completed interest form and attended information session. 

Transportation to and from the college campus will be the responsibility of the student.  MCPS will not provide transportation. 

Please note that these Early College programs are contingent on final approval of the MCPS Fiscal Year's Operating Budget. All interested students will be invited to participate if they meet all MC requirements and program qualifications.

The Deadline for the 2018-2019 Early College application has passed.  Please visit the site again in Spring of 2019 for next round of Early College applicants for the 2019-2020 school year.  

Montgomery College Early College Program Recommended Pathways are: 

Middle College Programs

Middle College Programs

Middle College ProgramsThe Montgomery College Middle College (MC2) program at Clarksburg, Northwest, and Northwood High Schools is a dual enrollment program that prepare students to earn a High School Diploma and college credits towards an Associate’s degree.

The college credits are earned through a combination of courses including Advanced Placement courses and corresponding test scores, CLEP examinations, and/or MC courses.  Students are supported through a progressive transition from a traditional high school experience to a college-like experience on the high school campus, and finally to full college coursework and experience on the college campus.

During this transition, students are provided with dedicated college preparation including preparation for the college placement and admission assessments.  Students will matriculate through a pathway towards the Associate’s degree beginning in grade 9.  The Class of 2018 will consist of the first MC2 graduates.  The associate’s degree earned from each program is listed below along with the link to the schools contact or web page for additional information:

Assessment Information

Assessment Information

Students who wish to take a college course should meet the minimum scores noted below on the SAT, ACT, and ACCUPLACER respectively, in addition to having an unweighted grade point average of 2.5 for seniors or 2.75 for juniors.  If students do not meet the test requirements they may be eligible to take a college course if they have a B or higher in the final semester of the following approved courses to determine college readiness in English and mathematics:

English:  AP Language and Composition; Honors English 12; Modern World History; Honors Modern World History; AP World History 

Mathematics:  All levels of Algebra 2

Reading: 500 480 21 Reading Comprehension: 79
Writing: Not Required 21 Sentence Skills: 90  Reading 
Mathematics: 500 530 21 Elementary Algebra 62 AND
College Level Math 45

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Dually enrolled students must follow the student academic and behavior policies of both MCPS and MC:

College Transcript Request

College Transcript Request

When applying to colleges and universities, dually enrolled students should submit the college transcript with all other required documents.

Request an MC college transcript click

Dual Enrollment

Financial Assistance through MC Dual Enrollment

Financial Assistance through MC Dual Enrollment

Tuition and fees vary, depending on the number of credit hours you take. Students attending MCPS are eligible for a reduced rate during the fall, winter and spring terms. MC Financial Assistance (in the form of a High School Grant) is also available for all Maryland residents with demonstrated need. This assistance may cover the cost of tuition, fees and required textbooks depending on financial status, secondary school status and availability of funds. Students MUST apply through MC in order to obtain the High School Grant.

Learn More about Financial Assistance

Dual Enrollment Procedures

Dual Enrollment Procedures

Montgomery College enrollment and registration procedures are followed by all school DEPAs.  Click here for a list of DEPAs and school deadlines. To initiate the process, students applying for this opportunity at MC should begin by visiting the Montgomery College Office of Academic Initiatives’ DE webpage for more specific information, procedures, and forms to begin the process prior to seeing their DEPA. The timeline is noted here.

Courses Offered

What courses are offered through the Dual Enrollment Program?

Students in the DE Program can enroll in any approved college-level course for which they meet the requirements.

The courses offered through the DE program are typical courses of first year college students. They include courses which are first in a professional series, general education courses, and foundation courses.

To review the transferability of college courses between Maryland colleges and universities, visit the Articulation System for Maryland Colleges and Universities website.

For specific information related to college course options at your local high school, contact the high school counselor or click here for a list of DEPAs and school deadlines.

College Courses and Montgomery College 

Refusal of High School Credit

College Courses and High School Credit

As of the fall of 2013, all college courses taken by Montgomery County Public Schools students will count toward graduation credit and appear on the high school transcript unless requested at the time of enrollment in the college course that it does not by completing the Dual Credit Refusal Form (MCPS Form 280-93) and returning it the school counselor.