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High School ACCUPLACER Program (HSAP)


The ACCUPLACER is a College Board placement test, NOT an entrance examination, as is the ACT or SAT.  The ACCUPLACER is used, not for admission to college, but to place students in appropriate course levels after admission.  Many colleges administer the ACCUPLACER to determine appropriate mathematics and English placement if the admitted student does not have qualifying scores on the ACT or SAT.  Montgomery College (MC) uses the ACCUPLACER in this way.

The ACCUPLACER is split into two categories, mathematics and English.

  • The mathematics category of the ACCUPLACER is comprised of two sections: Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics; and Advanced Algebra and Functions.   

  • The English category for both the ACCUPLACER has two sections:  Reading and Writing. These sections are administered to the student separately and are not connected.

More information about the ACCUPLACER can be found on the College Board’s website at ACCUPLACER

What is HSAP and what is its goal?  

HSAP stands for High School ACCUPLACER Program.  The goal of the HSAP is to increase awareness of the College Board ACCUPLACER placement test and student preparation to enable more students to test college-ready and enroll in college credit-bearing courses upon high school graduation, thereby increasing the likelihood of college completion.  This placement test is currently the assessment of choice for MC, as well as the majority of community colleges and four-year universities in the state.  The inclusion of the ACCUPLACER as an approved Maryland State Department of Education assessment to measure college readiness expands the role of HSAP.  HSAP is comprised of the following six components: 

1. Identification

2. Orientation

3. Pre-assessment (college course option)

4. Intervention

5. Post-assessment

6. Counseling

A more detailed look at the above steps is described below:


Students who do not meet college readiness scores on the ACT or SAT, or who do not have scores on either test are identified for HSAP. 


Students and/or parents are made aware of the ACCUPLACER college placement test and its use.  In addition, information related to HSAP is shared, including the support and intervention provided, and the benefits of scoring college ready. 


Students participate in the initial College Board ACCUPLACER test administered by MCPS. Students meeting college-ready or college-eligible scores may enroll in college courses through MC. 


Students participate in intervention support which may include use of the Khan Academy for SAT, or other school based method of support. 

Support materials are also provided by the College Board and can be found HERE.


After participating in intervention and support, students participate in a final ACCUPLACER administered through MC license at their home school or at one of the MC Assessment Centers. 


After the final ACCUPLACER, students attending MC receive counseling by MC staff regarding next steps in their postsecondary pursuits. 

HSAP Contact List