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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Interim Instructional Services?

Interim Instructional Services (IIS), known as Home and Hospital Teaching in the other Maryland counties, is designed to provide instructional continuity to students who are unable to attend their regular school of enrollment due to a physical, medical or emotional condition. It is a short-term, itinerant instructional service mandated by state law with specific guidelines for program implementation and delivery. Preparing for the eventual return to school, the educational services provided enable students to continue their academic work and to remain current with their peers.

Who can receive IIS?

IIS may be provided to a student who is unable to participate at their school of enrollment due to a physical or emotional condition and who also meets eligibility criteria. IIS is available to all Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) students who are enrolled in Grade K through 12, or placed by MCPS in a nonpublic school.

How do I apply for IIS?

To apply for IIS, the student’s parent/guardian must first meet with the school to discuss the condition which prevents school attendance.  If it is determined that the school cannot accommodate for the condition to support school attendance, the school provides, and the parent then submits to the school, one of the following completed forms from an authorized health provided.

  • Application for Interim Instructional Services, with Qualified Physical Health Condition ONLY, MCPS Form 311-15B or,
  • Application for Interim Instructional Services, with Qualified Mental Health Condition ONLY, MCPS Form 311-15C.

The authorized health provider should anticipate a minimum of a four-week absence from school from the time of referral in order for a student to be eligible for IIS. For absences of shorter duration, the school of enrollment should work with the parents/guardians to provide missed academic work. Following childbirth, a student may receive IIS for up to six weeks unless extenuating circumstances warrant further services.

Submit the completed application and medical documentation to your child’s school counselor. Applications that are incomplete may cause delays in the start of services.

What is the responsibility of the school counselor?

The school counselor provides the application (MCPS Form 311-15B or Form 311-15C) to the parent/guardian after an initial meeting. The counselor will also be the point of contact for the IIS case manager for any school information and concerns. After no more than 30 days from the inital verification of the condition, the student’s counselor and/or school team will develop a return to school plan.

Who will determine how IIS will be delivered?

Delivery of IIS will be virtual.  Individual exceptions will require review and approval by the Supervisor of IIS.

What will happen if my child has an Individualized Education Program (IEP)?

If a student has an IEP, a meeting must be held to reflect the change in placement, as well as to develop a return to school transition plan.

  • The IEP team identifies the academic goals in the IEP that will be addressed while the student is receiving IIS, the number of service hours required to meet them, and any accommodations and/or related services required.
  • The RTSE or IEP case manager adds the services being provided by IIS to the IEP as amendments to the IEP in the Maryland Online IEP (MOIEP) site.
  • The RTSE or IEP case manager notifies the student's IIS case manager that the changes have been made.
  • The IIS case manager coordinates instruction in compliance with the IEP team's decisions.
  • An IEP meeting is held when IIS ends, and the student returns to the school of enrollment.

Can IIS be utilized as a temporary placement for a student with an IEP while waiting for another placement?

No, IIS may not be used as a temporary placement for a student with a disability waiting for:

  • placement in a nonpublic special school; or
  • a change of placement.

How many hours per week will my child receive instructional instruction once he/she is enrolled with IIS?

IIS is typically provided for a minimum of six hours per week for students in a full-day program or a minimum of three hours per week for students in a half-day program.

How long will my child receive instruction?

Approved applications are valid for up to 60 calendar days from the date the qualified condition is verified by the medical professional. If services are required beyond 60 calendar days, it is recommend that applications to continue services be submitted two weeks prior to the ending date in order to avoid an interruption in instruction.

  • Continuation of services is always subject to review and requires re-verification by the appropriate qualified medical or mental health provider.
  • For a student with an IEP who is determined to be in need of IIS due to an emotional condition, educational placement in IIS may not exceed 60 consecutive school days.

What are concurrent delivery of services for students eligible for IIS?

Concurrent delivery of instructional services may be provided for a student whose physical or emotional condition requires the student to be absent from school on an intermittent basis. Examples of these conditions are kidney failure, cancer, asthma, cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, depression, and bipolar disorder.  For students who receive concurrent delivery of instructional services, service need is reverified annually.

What are the guidelines to follow if in-person instruction is being provided?

  • A responsible adult (21 or older) must be present in the home during the IIS teaching sessions.
  • Students should be prepared to begin instruction when the instructor arrives.
  • Parents must sign a Instructor’s Biweekly Report of Interim Instructional Services (MCPS Form 311-13), following each session in order to verify the amount of time and the date in which instruction was provided. When instruction takes place in a public setting, students may sign the completed form.
  • Provide a quiet, well-lit and smoke-free room for each instructional session.
  • No eating or smoking is allowed during the instructional session.
  • Television, telephones and other audio/video devices are not permitted during the instructional session unless allowed by the instructor.
  • Visitors and pets are to be kept out of the room during the instructional session.

How does my child receive instructional materials while on IIS?

The school of enrollment must provide books and required instructional materials for the student receiving IIS, as well as other appropriate services such as college counseling or course guidance, when necessary.

What are the attendance policies for students receiving IIS? 

Students receiving IIS are subject to the attendance guidelines for an approved lawful absence set forth in the MCPS Code of Conduct.

  • If a student is not available for a scheduled instructional session, parents/guardians are to notify the IIS teacher by 5:00 p.m. the day before the scheduled session.
  • In order to reschedule a planned appointment, you must call the IIS teacher. If the time is made up, the absence will not be reported on the student grade report form.
  • Time is not to be made up for unlawful absences.
  • Absences on the part of the IIS teacher must be made up.
  • Continued unlawful absences may result in suspension of interim instructional services.

What happens if my child requires hospitalization outside of Montgomery County?

For students who require hospitalization outside of Montgomery County, IIS may be provided subject to the following:

  • An application is submitted to and approved by the MCPS IIS administrator/designee prior to services.
  • The student meets the criteria for IIS.
  • The student is able and allowed to access instruction virtually. Under certain circumstances and with approval from the MCPS IIS administrator/designee, instructional services may be provided by another local education agency.

How are parents informed of their child’s academic progress during the time enrolled in Interim Instructional Services?

For students receiving 1:1 instruction, assignment reports are provided to the classroom teachers. Parents of students participating in web conference courses may also track their progress online through ParentVue.

Do students earn grades during IIS?

Classroom teachers will average student grades with their IIS assignment grades, when applicable, to determine the student’s report card grades. The student’s school will make the final determination regarding report card grades.

What happens when my child is ready to return to school?

When the interim instructional services end, the school counselor will have in place a plan for the students return to school and will work with the student to make the transition as easy as possible.