Comprehensive Health Education in Grade 5

Mental and Emotional Health


Maryland State Curriculum Content Standard 1:  Students will demonstrate the ability to use mental and emotional health knowledge, skills, and strategies to enhance one’s self concept and one’s relationship with others.

Performance Indicators

A. Communication 
 1.5.A.1.  Recognize and apply effective communication skills. 


Model verbal and non-verbal methods of communication.  
B. Emotions 
1.5.B.1.  Examine emotions and responses to various situations. 


Identify different complex emotions, such as anxiety, frustration, doubt, grief, elation, and others. 


Recognize the importance of expressing feelings verbally and non-verbally. 


Model positive verbal and non-verbal responses to various situations.
C. Components of Personal Well-being 
 1.5.C.1.  Develop strategies to promote components of personal well-being.  
1.5.C.1.a. Investigate at least one component of personal well-being, other than physical, and develop a goal for positive self-change.  
D. Decision Making 
1.5.D.1. Apply the decision-making process to personal issues and problems. 


Explain how decisions are influenced by individuals, families, and communities.


Dramatize the decision-making process in various situations.
F. Stress 
 1.5.F.1.    Recognize time management as an effective stress management skill. 


Identify effective time management strategies.


Demonstrate effective time management strategies.