Accelerated and Enriched Instruction  Elementary Programs

Accelerated and Enriched Programs in Elementary School

Accelerated and Enriched Supports at All Schools

Students whose motivation, outstanding talent, performance, or potential for performing at high levels of accomplishment are identified at the local school level to receive accelerated and enriched instruction. Each school has instruction tailored for students identified as gifted and talented.

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Enhanced Programs

Primary Magnet Program

Students from across the county may apply for acceptance to this program for Grades 1 and 2, located at Takoma Park Elementary School. Limited enrollment. 

Centers for Enriched Studies  

Seven regional and four local centers for upper elementary grades (4th and 5th) located throughout the county.

Gifted and Talented Learning Disabled Services

Support in the home school or at Barnsley Elementary School.

WINGS Program

 Mentoring program for gifted/learning disabled students and highly able students who are not succeeding in the regular classroom.