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EML Therapeutic Services

EML Therapeutic Counselors (ETC) provide counseling services to Emergent Multilingual Learners (EML) in grades Pre-K through 12. Counselors support students from a cross-cultural perspective so they can succeed academically and adjust to a new social and cultural environment while helping them stay meaningfully connected to their culture. The ETCs are a diverse team of professionals who provide counseling services districtwide and are located in schools offering intensive English services.

Our Services

EML Therapeutic ServicesOur services include, but are not limited to:

  • Provide individual and group multicultural and multilingual counseling services to EML and METS students.
  • Assist in the cultural, social and emotional adjustment of EML students in MCPS.
  • Work with school staffs and EML students in resolving crisis situations.
  • Assist in resolving conflicts arising from cross-cultural misunderstandings.
  • Assist EML students in developing decision-making skills and coping skills.
  • Collaborate with school staff and administration in cross-disciplinary problem solving processes, as necessary.
  • Assist EML students in developing awareness of academic, social and career alternatives in MCPS and beyond.
  • Guide students in developing awareness of academic, social, and career choices within MCPS and community.
  • Provide career and vocational counseling.
  • Work in collaboration with school-based counselors and administrators to meet the needs of EML students.

How To Contact Us

We recognize the importance of supporting your child and can help you with questions or concerns that may arise during the school year.

To access EML Therapeutic Counseling services:

Schools with an assigned EML Therapeutic Counselor
  • Please contact your assigned ETC to refer a student.
Schools without an assigned EML Therapeutic Counselor

ETCs by School

ETCs can also provide support in the languages listed below. Please send an email to one of the ETCs listed below for assistance.

Staff Directory

Arcola ES Lorena Gonzalez
Argyle MS Edelle Jean
Bel Pre ES Leocadie Bader
Bethesda-Chevy Chase HS Thomas Le
Blake, James Hubert HS Nazareth Aregai
Brown Station ES Tekshia Innocent
Burnt Mills ES Zahra Dorranian
Clarksburg HS Esther Wei
Clemente, Roberto W. MS Maya Vakas
Eastern MS Monica Pimienta
Farmland ES Leocadie Bader
Forest Oak MS Ana Rivas
Gaithersburg ES Lisa Ratta-Shoshan
Gaithersburg MS Victoria Alvarado
Galway ES Girma Yeshanew
Georgian Forest ES Walter Marroquin
Glen Haven ES Lisa Ratta-Shoshan
Glenallan ES Yury Delgado
Harmony Hills ES Yury Delgado
Kemp Mill ES Tekshia Innocent
Key, Francis Scott MS Zahra Dorranian
Lakelands Park MS Joy Lee
Leleck, JoAnn at Broad Acres ES Jocelyn Reyes
Loiederman, A. Mario MS Elisabeth Fisher
Magruder, Col. Zadok HS Ana Rivas
Montgomery Village MS Elizabeth Miguel
Neelsville MS Rina Chaves
New Hampshire Estates ES Girma Yeshanew
Newport Mill MS Walter Marroquin
Nix, Roscoe R. ES Maya Vakas
Northwest HS Victoria Alvarado
Paint Branch HS Jocelyn Reyes-Escobar
Parkland MS Tamar Hill
Ridgeview MS Monica Valencia
Rock View ES Lorena Gonzalez
Rocky Hill MS Tamar Hill
Rolling Terrace ES Evelyn Montecinos
Rosemonth ES Joy Lee
Seneca Valley HS Esther Wei
Shannon, Odessa MS Marvin Rivas-Perez
Sherwood HS Elizabeth Miguel
Shriver, Sargent ES Ashley Vergara
Silver Spring International MS Nazareth Aregai
Singer, Flora M. ES Leocadie Bader
Sligo MS Monica Pimienta
South Lake ES Jocelyn Reyes-Escobar
Summit Hall ES Monica Valencia
Tilden MS Tamar Hill
Tubman, Harriet R. ES Elizabeth Miguel
Twinbrook ES Marvin Rivas-Perez
Viers Mill ES Ashley Vergara
Watkins Mill ES Joy Lee
Weller Road ES Thomas Le
West, Julius MS Rina Chaves
Wheaton Woods ES Lisa Ratta-Shoshan
Whetstone ES Maya Vakas
Wood, Earle B. MS Evelyn Montecinos

ETCs by Language

Staff Directory

Amharic Nazareth Aregai
Girma Yeshanew
Cantonese Vickie Kwong
Farsi Zahra Dorranian
French Leocadie Bader
Elisabeth Fisher
Tekshia Innocent
Edelle Jean
Haitian Creole Tekshia Innocent
Edelle Jean
Hebrew Tamar Hill
Korean Joy Eunjung Lee
Mandarin Chinese Leah Xueting Li
Esther Wei
Portuguese Elisabeth Fisher
Spanish Victoria Alvarado
Rina Chaves

Yury Delgado
Elisabeth Fisher
Lorena Gonzalez
Tamar Hill
Walter Marroquin
Elizabeth Miguel
Evelyn Montecinos
Monica Pimienta

Lisa Ratta-Shoshan
Jocelyn Reyes-Escobar
Ana Rivas
Marvin Rivas-Perez
Maya Vakas
Monica Valencia
Ashley Vergara
Norca Yarborough
Tigrinya Nazareth Aregai
Vietnamese Thomas Le