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Board of EducationMeetings → November 8, 2011

Board of Education Meeting November 8, 2011

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Acknowledgement of a Quroum
Approval of the Agenda; In Honor of Veterans; American Education Week; School Psychology Awareness Week
The board unanimously approved the following:
Public Comments
Board/Superintendent Comments
Curriculum 2.0 Implementation Update

The Board of Education received an update and had a wide-ranging discussion about the implementation of Curriculum 2.0, which seeks to broaden instruction to engage the whole child around multiple subjects and critical thinking and academic skills.

Curriculum 2.0, an update of the MCPS curriculum, has been fully implemented in kindergarten and first grade, as well as second grade in most MCPS elementary schools. Overall, implementation has gone well, but there have been challenges, specifically around the areas of communication, professional development, and assessment.

The Board's discussion included teachers and principals that shared what they felt were the strengths of Curriculum 2.0 and what challenges they and their colleagues faced. There also was a discussion specifically about mathematics instruction in Curriculum 2.0.

2012-13 School Calendar

The Board adopted the calendar for the 2012-2013 school year. The school year will begin on Monday, August 27, 2012, and is scheduled to end on Friday, June 14, 2013. The calendar was developed in partnership with the Montgomery County Council of PTAs, the school district's three employee associations, and the Montgomery County Region of the Maryland Association of Student Councils, as well as other community and school system leadership.

Consent Items

The Board also took action on the following items:

Office of Human Resources and Development Monthly Report
Monthly Financial Report
Legislative Platform

The Board of Education discussed and adopted a legislative platform for the upcoming 2012 legislative session, which begins in January. Since 2001, the Board has developed, adopted, and distributed a platform prior to the beginning of each legislative session. The platform summarizes the Board's positions on priority issues but allows for consideration of additional legislative and budget issues that may arise during the session. The Board's priorities fall into three general categories:

  • Funding/accountability, including maintenance of effort and capital building/construction funds
  • Local board authority, including curriculum and charter schools
  • Students, including safety/security and nutrition

Read the Board of Education memo and see the legislative priorities and positions

Approval of Pilot Courses

The Board approved the development of pilot courses and designated active or restricted courses that have completed the pilot process successfully. The Board, on the recommendation of the Office of Curriculum and Instructional Programs, approved the development of five new high school pilot courses and the activation of four courses that have successfully completed the pilot process. The Board also approved 17 courses that are restricted to specific high schools. Read the memo to the Board and the list of courses.

Transition Report

Superintendent Joshua P. Starr gave the Board of Education an overview of the report created by his transition team. Dr. Starr's transition team, which included outside experts and MCPS staff, conducted a thorough review of MCPS policies, practices, and programs, and provided a report that highlighted successes and challenges that the district faces. The report will assist Dr. Starr in the development of priorities as he prepares to present an FY 2013 budget proposal. Read the Transition Team Report

Board of Education Items
Items of Information