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Community of Practice Workgroup

Welcome to the Community of Practice (CoP) Workgroup on Promotions and Appointments, District Climate, and Employee Supports—a dedicated initiative within the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) to rectify issues related to harassment, sexual harassment, and workplace bullying. Participants' mission is to advise on improving the employee promotions and appointments process, and workplace climate and to provide appropriate support for employees who have experienced harassment, creating an environment that prioritizes safety, equity, and inclusivity for all stakeholders.

The workgroup is entrusted with defining and implementing corrective actions in the promotions and appointments process for school leaders, with a special emphasis on addressing allegations of harassment, sexual harassment, and workplace bullying in a transparent and fair manner.


  • Promotions/Appointments Process: Research and define industry best practices and standards for addressing processes governing the promotions and appointments of school system leaders.
  • MCPS Climate and Culture: Propose initiatives to foster a more inclusive climate and culture for all MCPS employees.
  • Supports for Staff: Ensure that staff members receive adequate support in the face of harassment, sexual harassment, or workplace bullying.

The workgroup aims to produce a set of evidence-based recommendations and strategies for improving the promotions and appointments process. These recommendations will be rooted in best practices, industry standards, and data analysis, aiming to create a safer and more inclusive MCPS environment.

The group will meet between mid-November 2023 and mid-February 2024.

Meet the Community of Practice Facilitator

Dr. Juliette Rouge (Shedd)Dr. Juliette Rouge (Shedd) is an adjunct faculty member at the Carter School and serves as the Dean of the School of Security and Global Studies at the American Public University System. Formerly the Associate Dean at the Carter School until 2023, she teaches courses on research methods, focusing on terrorism, peacebuilding, media and conflict, extremism, global conflicts, and ideologies.

With a Ph.D. and M.S. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University and a BA in Political Science and Psychology from George Washington University, Dr. Rouge's research centers on the intersection of media and conflict, particularly media coverage of terrorism and women's involvement in political violence.

Notably, Dr. Rouge has guided the Carter School through challenges, including the Covid-19 pandemic, while enhancing distance education offerings and implementing innovative approaches to experiential and service learning.