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July 8, 2021

Dear MCPS Community:

The month of July ushers in a new season of teaching and learning in Montgomery County Public Schools.

To meet our students’ social, emotional, mental health and academic needs, we have vastly expanded our summer programming: In the past week, our summer school programs began serving more than 52,000 students, many of whom are learning and growing back in their school buildings. And next week, our two schools that operate on an innovative school calendar, Roscoe Nix and Arcola elementary schools, will welcome students back to school buildings for five days a week of in-person instruction, with a teacher in every classroom—in a preview of the experiences we will provide for all our students beginning this fall.

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June 1, 2021

Dear Members of the MCPS Family,

This time 20 years ago, I was wrapping up my first year teaching in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS). As that first year at Parkland Middle School came to a close, I felt enormously proud of my students and profoundly grateful to be a part of the MCPS community. I hold those same feelings—of great admiration for our students and deep connection with our school family—close to me today as I have the honor of writing to you as the acting superintendent of MCPS.

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