WJ Science Department

Susan Bergeris , Resource Teacher

Phone: 240-740-6853

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Department Overview

The goal of the Walter Johnson HS science department is to help students develop a variety of critical thinking skills including: making inferences, designing experiments, and using dimensional analysis to calculate the value of a variable. 

In addition to the NGSS aligned MCPS core coursework, we offer many elective courses including forensic science, astronomy, and molecular biology. Furthermore, our AP program offers a variety of biological and physical science options including AP Environmental Science, AP Biology (double period), AP Chemistry (double period), AP Physics 1 and AP Physics C - Mechanics, and AP Physics C- Electricity and Magnetism. 

WJHS science scholars program and competition teams:
The ACES Scholars program is designed to offer students a challenging course of study in the science disciplines. Students follow a comprehensive curriculum combining honors-level courses and rigorous Advanced Placement (AP) level coursework. The course of study provides students with a broad background in all scientific disciplines at levels appropriate to talented and motivated learners. In addition to the basic graduation requirements, ACES scholars need an additional 5 credits of upper-level science classes, 3 of which are at the AP level. Students do not need to enroll in the program until the end of their 9th-grade year. ACES brochure for more information.

Additionally, Science Olympiad and Chemathon are two competitive science clubs at Walter Johnson. Students have a lot of fun with their science-loving friends!