WJ Science Department

Resource Teacher, Susan Bergeris
Phone: 301-803-7257

The goal of the Walter Johnson HS science department is to help students develop a variety of critical thinking skills including: making inferences, designing experiments, and using dimensional analysis to calculate the value of a variable. 


In addition to the NGSS aligned MCPS core coursework, we offer many elective courses including forensic science, astronomy and molecular biology. Furthermore, our AP program offers a variety of biological and physical science options including: AP Environmental Science, AP Biology (double period), AP Chemistry (double period), AP Physics 1 and AP Physics C (this course covers Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism).


Students are required to take three  science courses for graduation:


  • For students graduating in 2019 and 2020, the credits must include one biological science and one physical science course.
  • For students graduating in 2021 and 2022, students will need to complete three NGSS aligned courses.
WJHS science scholars program and competition teams:

The ACES Scholars program is designed to offer students a challenging course of study in the science disciplines. Students follow a comprehensive curriculum combining honors level courses and rigorous Advanced Placement (AP) level course work. The course of study provides students with a broad background in all scientific disciplines at levels appropriate to talented and motivated learners. In addition to the basic graduation requirements, ACES scholars need an additional 5 credits of upper level science classes, 3 of which are at the AP level. Students do not need to enroll in the program until the end of their 9th grade year. Additional information about the ACES Scholars program can be found at www.walterjohnson.com/programs/ACES/.


Additionally, Science Olympiad and Chemathon are two competitive science clubs at Walter Johnson. Students have a lot of fun with their science-loving friends!

For additional information related to secondary science, please consider visiting the following resources: 


Click here to visit the WJ Online Science Course Bulletin.


Click Here for a list of Science Department staff.


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