Information for Parents 

This page provides general information of interest to all parents and students. Check the links in the gray section on the left side of this page to access information specific to the start of the school year. Many of the web pages accessible from links on this page are useful for the entire tenure at WJ so readers are highly encouraged to add them to their web browsers Favorites/Bookmarks.

  • Student Drop-Off/Pick-Up: For the safety of WJ students, please read carefully the procedures for drop-off and pick-up of students and make sure to adhere to the documented regulations.
  • Attendance: Attendance is a crucial part of student success. If students are not in class, then grades and other important aspects of student achievement are negatively impacted. At Walter Johnson, regular attendance is expected of all students. Please note that excessive unexcused tardies and/or unexcused absences may result in the failure of a course regardless of student’s achievement in the class. Please reference the Main Page for the Attendance form.
  • Counseling Office: Students counselors will stay with students throughout the high school experience. It is important that students get to know their counselors and the valuable resources they provide. Questions about student schedules, courses, college applications, or other academic or personal needs should be directed to the assigned counselor. Click here for the 2023-2024 Counselor Caseload Assignments and contact information for the counselors.
  • Portable Electronic Devices Policy: Students are not allowed to use their Portable Electronic Devices during class unless the teacher has planned a lesson involving portable devices. They should remain off and out of sight during all class periods. Portable Electronic Devices may be used before school, after school and between classes. Parents: please do not text or call your child on their personal cell phones during their classes. This is very disruptive to instruction and may result in disciplinary action.
  • Privacy of Directory Information and A Note on Military Recruiting: The MCPS Privacy Notice includes a form for withholding student directory information. Before completing this form, please review the information on the MCPS Student Privacy page carefully. Completing this form incorrectly could result in a student's name not appearing in school publications, sports rosters or honor roll lists and could cause a student's picture to be blocked from the school yearbook.

    If a parent does not wish to have their child’s name made available to military recruiters and/or does not wish to have their child’s directory information released for publication then they should carefully complete the "Directory Withholding" section in ParentVUE when reviewing/editing the Annual Certification, checking only the applicable boxes. Only if you are requesting withholding of information, should this section be filled out. If you do not want to restrict release of your child's information, do nothing!
  • Information on Grading: During the school year, all high schools will continue to report grades based on individual student achievement, or what students know and can do in relation to course expectations. We will continue to use countywide standard procedures for reteaching/reassessment, homework, and grading. A full copy of the procedures is available at clicking here.

    More information regarding checking your child's grades online will be provided at the start of the school year. For class-specific grading issues, teachers will address these procedures in the syllabi for their classes. These course-specific procedures have been developed by subject teams (Algebra team, Biology team, etc.). In early September, teachers’ syllabi will be available. If you have a specific question about grading in a particular class, please talk to your student’s teacher.
  • Testing Accommodations for College Board Tests (AP, SAT, PSAT): In order to receive accommodations on these tests, a Student Eligibility Form must be submitted. The form must be completed by parents and school officials and then mailed to the College Board at least seven weeks in advance of the student taking the first test. The criteria established by the College Board for granting testing accommodations varies significantly from the school system. Having an IEP or a 504 plan does not guarantee that the College Board will provide accommodations. Currently, the College Board requires up-to-date (meaning within the last three years) neuro-psychological testing that documents the specific need for each requested accommodation. Please contact the Academic Support Center (240-740-6840) or the Counseling Office (240-740-6920) in order to obtain the forms and to ask questions about this process.
  • Note on Getting Involved: Walter Johnson has an incredible number of extracurricular activities (sports and clubs). ALL students are encouraged to involve themselves in life beyond the classroom at WJ. From new friendships to opportunities to experience leadership, you will benefit from becoming an active member of the WJ community. Get involved!

    Similarly, parents are encouraged to involve themselves in the organizations that advocate for, and support, Walter Johnson High School and its student programs: Join the PTSA, join the Booster Club and donate to the WJ Education Foundation. All of these parent groups support our school, staff and students in a variety of ways. Thank you.
  • Communication from WJ is primarily by email via the PTSA Electronic Bulletin Board and it is highly recommended that all families have at least one parent/guardian subscribed. Instructions on how to subscribe to the PTSA Bulletin Board can be found here. The primary method of communication between parents and WJ staff is email, either by addressing a message directly to a staff member or using the Synergy email function to communicate with teachers. 
  • Summer Student Service Learning (SSL): Visit for information about Montgomery County's SSL requirements and procedures. Make sure your organization has the proper approval before completing SSL hours!

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