PTSA and Discussion Listservs

WJ PTSA Listserv

The WJ PTSA Listserv ( distributes informal email information from school, staff and parent organizations relating to official PTSA, Booster, Education Foundation and WJ events. All members of the WJ community are strongly encouraged to subscribe to this valuable communication resource! While the school will place notices on, it is only an informal means of distributing information and does not supplant other communications from Montgomery County Public Schools. 

All parents and students are encouraged to begin a dialogue with their Counselors and/or their grade level Assistant Principals. These staff members are the very best resources for getting questions answered about school policies and practices. It is never too early to build these relationships. Click her for current WJ Counselor assignments and Click here for current WJ Assistant Principal grade level assignments.


Send a blank email to and you should be added to the group.


Send a blank email to

NOTE: Postings on do not reflect the opinions or views of any entity related to the State of Maryland, Montgomery County, Montgomery County Public Schools, or any teacher or parent organization. is open to members of the Walter Johnson Community: faculty and staff, parents of students attending or who have attended WJ and students themselves.

  1. The subject matter of messages posted to is primarily limited to information about school clubs, sports teams, fundraisers, events and activities of parent organizations.
  2. Walter Johnson High School departments, clubs, and groups may rely on as their primary means of communications, and will be allowed direct access to post.
  3. While is not a general interest community bulletin board, the PTSA will allow posting of community events that are recommended by WJ faculty and staff, as well as fundraising and other events that benefit WJ cluster schools.
  4. Posting of commercial notices, business solicitations, and all other marketplace advertisements is strictly prohibited, as is the request for referrals for such products or services.
  5. will not serve as a location for discussion. Issues that require discussion should be sent directly to the WJ administration or the PTSA President (, or may be directed to the WJ discussion group ( Please note that the discussion group is not moderated by either the administration or the PTSA.
  6. Members may not post on behalf of anyone else other than parents for their students.


  • Ownership of is by the PTSA and the PTSA manages the listserv through an appointed PTSA representative. It is their role is to ensure that postings fall within the appropriate use guidelines.
  • The PTSA will not share membership lists or email addresses with other organizations.
  • Members approved for posting messages to include but are not limited to WJ staff, PTSA board and committee chairs, Booster club leadership and Walter Johnson Education Foundation leaders.
  • General members may post messages with the approval of the moderating team to ensure that they are in accordance with the PTSA's guidelines.

Community Discussion Listserv

Members of the WJ community who are interested in engaging in electronic discussion may join an optional discussion list, separate from the WJ PTSA Listserv. This optional discussion list is for people who are seeking a venue to discuss ideas, offer suggestions or post community events. Best practices in regards to appropriate behavior are expected.

The link for the optional discussion group is  Similar to joining the PTSA Group above, you can send a blank message to and you should be added to the discussion group.  

Postings on do not reflect the opinions or views of any entity related to the State of Maryland, Montgomery County, Montgomery County Public Schools, or any teacher or parent organization.  This resource is not moderated nor monitored by either the WJ Administration nor the WJ PTSA.