Parent-Child Reunification (PCR)

Parent-Child Reunification (PCR) is the process that will only be implemented in case of an emergency. Each year parents are asked to complete the annual verification in Synergy. Part of the update is identifying who can pick up your child if you are unable to in the case of an emergency. Please double-check your emergency release information as we are only to release to approved individuals you have identified on the list. If the individual that arrives is not on the list we cannot release them. If you have not updated your information please do so, so that we have the most accurate up to date information in case of an emergency. 

If there is an emergency parents will receive information via email, phone, and/or text, based on the information in Synergy. Included in that information will be the PCR  location. There are 3 possible locations for Walter Johnson HS; they are the Media Center, WJ Stadium, and Davis Library parking lot. In the event of an emergency requiring parent-child reunification, you will need to bring a state-issued identification ie. driver’s license, state identification card, or passport.  Once on-site to pick up your student please follow the directions of staff and signage. As this will be a huge undertaking we appreciate your patience and kindness as we all move through this process.

Here is an example of our process map, it will be similar at all of the designated locations.



WJ Security 

MCPS Safety and Security 

Lockdown with Options Video