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Where to find Counseling Services

At this time student schedules are still being finalized. Students will receive their correct and final schedules in homeroom on the first day of school, Tuesday, September 4th. Due to the large number of students at WJ, we do not have the ability to honor specific teacher requests.  Counselors are currently in the process of balancing classes and schedules have not been completely finalized. Thank you for your understanding and support. 

WJ Counseling Services is staffed by professional school counselors; leaders who advocate, collaborate, and facilitate individual and system change to ensure every student has the knowledge and skills necessary for academic success and personal growth. Services include classroom guidance, responsive counseling, individual planning and system support.

Click on the name or use the email address shown to email a counselor. Scroll down the page to find Student Counselor Assignments or  click here for a printer-friendly list

Lisa Sorensen
Director - School Counseling Services
Counsels students with last names
 beginning with
X-Z (Grade 9)  
Yous-Z (Grade 10)  
Kalo-Lh (Grade 12)   
  Karina Toruno
Karina Toruno

Counseling Services Secretary 



Jamie Ahearn
Jamie Ahearn, Counselor
Counsels students with last names
beginning with
A-Bor (Grade 9)
A-Cal (Grades 10-12)
  Sapphire Neang
Sapphire Neang, Counselor
Counsels students with last names
beginning with
Bos-Del (Grade 9)
Cam-D (Grade 10)
Cam-D (Grades 11-12)
Joe Adegboyega-Edun
Mr. Adegboyega-Edun, Counselor
Counsels students with last names
beginning with
Gom-Kan (Grade 9)
Ge-I (Grade 10)
G-Ho (Grade 11)
G-H (Grade 12)
George Awkard, Counselor
Counsels students with last names
beginning with
Kar-Lya; Wang-Wu (Grade 9)
J-L; Winter-Young (Grade 10)
Hu-Lh (Grade 11)
I-Kale (Grade 12)
Dennis Reynolds
Dennis Reynolds, Counselor
Counsels students with last names
beginning with
Mab-Mur (Grade 9)
M (Grade 10)
Li-M (Grades 11-12)
  Joe Thompson
Joe Thompson, Counselor
Counsels students with last names
beginning with
Nar-Pue (Grade 9)
N-Pos(Grade 10)
N-Q(Grade 11)
N-Rh (Grade 12)
Imani Ladson
Imani Ladson, Counselor
Counsels students with last names
beginning with
Pul-Skly (Grade 9)
Pow-Qz & Rot-S (Grade 10)
Rot-S (Grade 11)
Ri-S (Grade 12)
  Audrey Weissberg
Audrey Weissberg, Counselor
Counsels students with last names
beginning with
Delp-God (Grade 9)
E-Ga & R-Ros (Grade 10)
E-F & R-Ros (Grade 11)
E-F (Grade 12)
Jennifer Huang-Utter
Jennifer Huang-Utter, Counselor
Counsels students with last names
beginning with
Smi-Walt (Grade 9)
T-Win (Grade 10)
T-Z (Grades 11-12)
Antonia Dentes
Early College Access Program Coordinator

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How to Make a Schedule Change

Parents do not need to make an appointment with a counselor to get a class changed. In general, schedule changes are not made after the deadline at the end of the school year. If there is a legitimate reason for a schedule change, there is a yellow Schedule Change Request Form that the student should pick up in the Counseling Services Office. When the form is completed and signed, it should be returned to Counseling Services. All schedule changes are subject to class size restrictions. Counselors will see students in the order in which the forms are received if the change is for one of the valid reasons listed on the form. If the change is for another reason, the student will be contacted after all legitimate reasons are dealt with. Counseling Services expects to deal with all requests by September 15th.

Thank you,
Lisa Sorensen, Director School Counseling Services

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