Advanced Curriculum
for Excellence in Science (ACES)
A Walter Johnson HS Scholars Program

Grimes Mr. Jamie Grimes
Program Coordinator
Email: Jamie Grimes

ACES is Walter Johnson's Science Scholars program. To find out more about ACES, scroll down or use the links below to navigate through the pages.

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ACES Activities/Events

When any speakers, internships or scholarship opportunities become available Mr. Grimes will email all registered ACES students with information.


ACES Philosophy & Setting

The Advanced Curriculum for Excellence in Science (ACES) Scholars program is designed to offer students a challenging course of study in the science disciplines. Students follow a comprehensive curriculum combining honors level courses and rigorous Advanced Placement (AP®) level course work. The course of study provides students with a broad background in all the scientific disciplines at levels appropriate to talented and motivated learners.

The program encourages students to take more accelerated science courses, offers structured support and skill refinement and broadens students' career choices. The program setting includes heterogeneously grouped classes within Walter Johnson High School. ACES Scholars is an intellectually stimulating program within a student's own community that offers the flexibility to pursue individual educational goals.

To find out more about ACES, scroll down or use the links above to navigate through the pages.


Admission Process

Requests to participate in the ACES Scholars program may be initiated by a student or a parent. Teachers should encourage students to participate whom they feel meet the requirements and would benefit from the program. ACES participation begins when a student receives feedback from the program coordinator after submitting the completed online Intent to Participate form. Please do not enroll unless you are currently enrolled at Walter Johnson.

If you have decided to be an ACES Scholar click here to complete the ACES Intent to Participate form