ACES Scholars Program

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The Course of Study

Program Requirements

  • Biology, Chemistry, and Physics (2 of which must be honors or AP®)
  • At least five credits of the following (3 credits of which must be AP®)
    • AP® Biology (2 credits)
    • AP® Chemistry (2 credits)
    • AP® Environmental Science
    • AP® Math (1 credit)
      • Calculus AB or BC
      • Statistics
    • AP® Physics 1
    • AP® Physics C: Mechanics
    • AP® Physics C: E & M
    • Anatomy
    • Forensic Science
    • Molecular Biology
    • Science Internship
    • Intel Science Competition
    • 3 years of competition in a school science program
  •  Advanced Placement (AP) exams must be completed for all AP courses used to fulfill ACES Program requirements.
  • Students must take the course at WJ, earn a semester grade of B or higher in all courses used toward fulfilling the ACES Program requirements.

Example Schedules

There are many different course options for completing the ACES Scholars program, so it is recommended that students take the upper-level courses of most interest.  Students will need 2-3 periods of science most years to complete this program. Below are some options:

Maximum AP® Courses: (6 AP® sciences)

9th Grade: H Biology & H Chemistry

10th Grade: AP® Physics 1 &     AP® Environmental Science

11th Grade:  AP® Physics C: Mechanics & AP® Chemistry

12th Grade: AP® Biology & AP Physics C: E & M                       


3-4 AP® sciences

9th Grade: H Biology & H Chemistry

10th Grade: AP® Physics 1 & AP® Environmental Science                         

11th Grade: AP® Chemistry or AP® Biology                              

12th Grade: AP® or Advanced Science


2-3 AP® sciences

9th Grade: H Biology                           

10th Grade: H Chemistry

11th Grade: H Physics or AP® Physics 1 & AP® Chemistry                        

12th Grade:  AP® Biology & AP® Calc or Stat