WJHS Minority Scholars Program

Program Coordinators

Imani Ladson, and Allison Hoefling


Description of MSP:

MSP is a student lead county-wide club that focuses on closing the opportunity gap that prevents minorities from achieving on the same level as their white counterparts. Through MSP you will have the opportunity to gain leadership skills, SSLhours, MSP Honor cord and more!

Mission of MSP:

  • To increase the academic achievement of minority students (African-American and Hispanic) and the number of minority students in Honors and Advanced Placement classes
  • To develop positive and effective relationships between staff and students

MSP Priorities

  • Mentoring/Support
  • Tutoring/Support
  • Events/Speakers/Trips
  • Academic Support and Follow Up
  • Emerging Scholar Identification (e.g., mid-year moves)
  • Feeder School Outreach
  • Bilingual Newsletter

MSP Support Activitites

  • Periodic lunch time meetings
  • Social/emotional support (e.g., support groups)
  • Honors and AP support (e.g., tutoring)
  • Field trips and guest speakers
  • College and career preparation sessions (e.g., SAT/ACT prep)
  • Scholarship and financial aid seminars
  • Job shadowing and mentoring opportunities
  • Community service
  • Portfolio development