WJ Physical Education Department

Janice Cornell, Resource Teacher

Phone: 240-740-6859

The goal of MCPS Pre K-12 physical education is to help students become responsible citizens who are both physically educated and health literate.

Each student will set and achieve personally challenging goals in physical activity, apply higher order thinking skills to human movement, and design personal movement and fitness plans. Students will be able to display the skills and practices of a physically active lifestyle, knowing the benefits of their choices to be involved in physical activity. They will be physically fit and have a mindset that values physical activity and its benefits in sustaining healthy lifestyles.

The Walter Johnson Physical Education Program includes 4 basic courses: General Physical Education 1; General Physical Education 2; Concentrated Physical Education; and Specialty Physical Education. It is recommended that 9th graders take General Physical Education 1 & 2, before taking a Specialty or Concentrated class. 9th graders may take a specialty or concentrated class only after they have completed 1 semester of General Physical Education with a final grade of "A", or have received a final grade of "B" and present a recommendation from a physical education teacher.

Visit the MCPS web for information about the PE curriculum in high school. For descriptions of specific PE classes offered at WJ visit the WJ Online Course Bulletin

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