Social Studies Department

Timothy Short, Resource Teacher



Jonathan Leong
Ed Morrell
Tim Short
Marcia Snavely
Tony Sohn
Gene Stanton
Terry Turner
Andrew Ward
Steven Watson


Mission Statement:
The Social Studies department at Poolesville High School is committed to:
• providing dynamic, student-centered, experience-rich instruction to all students
• earnest team effort
• professionalism
• excellence

The Social Studies Department understands that students who take and excel in Social Studies classes are more aware of their world both politically and economically. Studies show that students that take Social Studies classes are more likely to assist in solving a community problem, to volunteer, to trust other people and to scrutinize elected officials and their government. These students tend to make consumer decisions for ethical or political reasons. They believe in the importance of voting, and they register to vote. From the History of the United States to the History of the World, through US Government, Law, Psychology, and Sociology, to Comparative Religion, Economics, and Human Geography, the Social Studies Department at Poolesville High School is committed to excellence and to helping our students become high quality, active citizens in our ever changing world.