English Department - 240.740.2430

Lisa Marshall, Resource Teacher - 240.740.2431



Melissa Adams, Teacher

Sarah Bastien, Teacher

Gilbert Cooper II, Teacher

Sean Foster, Teacher

Donna Gibson, Teacher

Stephanie Gomer, Teacher (Poolesville Pulse sponsor)

Cindy Kang, Teacher (Yearbook Sponsor)

Jennifer Marks, Teacher (Humanities Head of House)

Brian McMullen, Teacher (Literary Magazine sponsor)

Suzanne Shorts, English Composition Assistant

Debora Speirs, Teacher

Clayton Traver, Teacher (National English Honor Society sponsor)

Diane Van Yuga, Teacher


Certificate in Advanced Arts

Take specific classes and join organizations to earn the following Advanced Arts Certificates!  Click HERE for a presentation explaining this exciting new program!

Advanced Arts Pathways Requirements Form - Due March 29, 2019


Creative and Performing Arts

Musical Performance

Visual Arts - Humanities students

Visual Arts - non Humanities students  


Literary Magazine

Extra!! Extra!!

The English Department sponsors a Writing Support lab daily during lunchtime in Lab 12.  Students can receive assistance on English assignments and college essays.

National English honor society

Poolesville Pulse

In the upcoming school year, The Poolesville Pulse will have successfully reached its 14th year of circulation at Poolesville High School. Part of what has made this newspaper so successful is the support of its appreciated patrons and advertisers. The community has always provided aid when the high school needs it, creating a wonderful environment in which students can learn and grow. We are writing to you with another opportunity to support the students of Poolesville High School by promoting the Journalism program and reinforcing students’ endeavors to report the news.

As a patron, your name will be listed in every issue of the paper. As a patron subscriber, in addition to being recognized in the patron listing, you will have a copy of each issue delivered to your home address. If you are interested in becoming one of our valued patrons or patron subscribers, please click HERE for a form to complete and return by mail.



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