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Clubs Brochure

Acappella 63 Mr. Rogoza
A Helping Hand 24 Mr. Thackston
A Seat at our Table 60 Ms. Horan
American Red Cross 28 Ms. Nagy
Amnesty International TBD Ms. Bowles
Anime 12 Mr. Foster
Art 49 Ms. Schaefer
Asian Language & Culture Study 12 Mrs. Bowles
Asian Students Association (ASA) 198 Mrs. Robichaud  
Beads for a Cause 44 Mr. Traver
Biology 195 Mr. Yu
Black Student Union 22 Mr. Matthews
Book 19 Ms. Van Yuga
Chemistry 1 Mr. Gerard
Chess 1 Mr. Gerard
Christian Youth Fellowship 41 Mr. Conyer
Cinema 60 Ms. Van Yuga
Civil Discourse 44 Ms. Bowles
Combatting Childhood Cancer 42 Mr. Gordon
Comic Club 34 Mr. Hill  
Computer Enthusiast 39 Mr. Gordon
Computer Team 293 Mr. Estep
Concerts for Charity (CFC) Band Room Mr. Rogoza
Cooking for a Cause 41 Mr. Conyer
Dance 32 Ms. Schaefer
DECA 12 Mr. Reed
Debate 8 Mr. McKenna
Do It Yourself (DIY) TBD Ms. Rivera-Rivera
E2 33B Ms. Bailey
Earth Science 11 Mr. Kingman
Engineering 29 Mr. Kramek
Entrepreneur Club Powered by MIT Launch 12 Ms. Bowles
Falcon Ambassadors 291 Mr. Gysberts/Ms. Gum
Falcons in Computer Science 293 Mr. Sell & Mr. Estep
Fellowship of Christian Athletics 42 Mr. Conyer
Film 33B Ms. Bailey
First Robotics 199 Mr. Lee
First Technology  Challenge (FTCC) 199 Mr. Lee
Forensics Team 28 Mr. Young
French 57 Ms. Mazikins
Funding the Future 14 Ms. Snavely
Future Medical Professionals of American 195 Ms. Sarin
Game Design 39 Mr. Gordon
Gaming/SSB 12 Ms. Bowles
Gaming Review 34 Mr. Stansbury
Gay Straight Alliance 33A Mr. Morrell
Girls Can Code, Too 28 Ms. Bailey
Girl UP 33 Ms. Clowe
Gun Control Activism 220 Ms. Adah
Hat Club 39 Ms. Ackerman
Hero Counseling Ms. Nagy/Ms. Martin
HIP - The Health Improvement Project 39 Mr. Gordon
Hispanic Heritage Association Old Gym & 54 Ms. Rivera-Rivera
History Bee/Bowl Team 44 Mr. Traver/Mr. Turner
Indian Classical Musical Club 195 Ms. Sarin
Kahoot 1 Mr. Gerard
Key Club 58 Ms. Auel
Kids are Scientists, Too 285 Ms. Sarin
Kids for Wish Kids 24 Ms. Bowles
K-Pop 44 Mr. Traver
Latin Dance Team Old Gym Ms. Rivera-Rivera
Law & Advocacy 4 Mr. Shannon
Leo 6 Ms. Auel/Ms. Fayard-Jones
Ligaya (Living in Grace Among Your Adversity) 291 Dr. Stone
Linguistics Society 12 Ms. Bowles
Makeup by S.I.X Various Mr. Nathaniel Gordon
Math Team 38 Mr.  Flowers
Medical Club 198 Ms. Robichaud
Midnight Players Auditorium Mr. Gordon
Mock Trial 47 Mr. Short
Model Rocketry 199 Mr. Lee
Model UN 15 Ms. Kellert
Muslim Student Association 44 Mr. Traver
NaNoWriMo 15 Ms. Kellert
National Science Bowl 1 Mr. Gerard
Odyssey of the Mind 33 Ms. Bailey
Orchestra (PHSO) 63 Mr. Rogoza
Paws for a Cause 285 Ms. Adah
Peace Makers/Problem Solvers 33A Mrs. Snavely
PHS Paper Airplanes 12 Mrs. Bowles
Physics Olympiad 189 Mr. Hanson
Poolesville for Change 4 Mr. Ward
Poolesville Bollywood Dance Team Old Gym Ms. Muhith
Poolesville Leads TBD Mr. Gordon
Poolesville Pals 8 Mr. Murray Edward_D_Murray@mcpsmd. org
Republican TBD Ms. Bowles
Rock Band 65 Mr. Morrell
Rukundo 33A Ms. Snavely
SADD 33A Mr. Morrell  
Science Olympiad 195 Mr. Yu
Scrapbooking 291 Dr. Stone
Self-Defense 12 Ms. Bowles
Shakespeare TBD Mr. McKenna
SMASH Brothers TBD Ms. Bowles  
Sophomore SGA 46 Ms. Boishin
2Connect 285 Ms. Adah
TEAMS competition 1 Mr. Prasad
Technovation 28 Mrs. Weber
Ted 44 Mr. Traver
Teens Cooking for a Cause 2 Mr. Turner
Tennis Tennis Court Mr. Lang
The Cappies 64 Mr. Gordon
The Chesapeake Bay Coalitian 33A Mr. Sparrow
The Poolesville Pulse 6 Ms. Gomer
Theoretical Physics 189 Mr. Hanson
Ukulele Club 17 Ms. Van Yuga
Ukulele Ensemble 33B Ms. Bailey
Ultimate Frisbee Practice field Ms. Heaton
Water Project 33A Ms. Snavely
Wish Kids   Mr. Bowles
Women in Environmental Engineering 285 Ms. Adah
World Bank Book 22 Mr. Matthews
Woza 54 Ms. Rivera-Rivera
Yearbook 61 Ms. Van Yuga
Yoga   Ms. Adams
Volunteers in Science & Technology TBD Mr. Gordon
Young Women in Bio   Ms. Sekhsaria

Honor Societies

Society Sponsor
 National Art Honor Society 2018 Application  Shannon Heaton
 National Honor Society  Eugene Stanton
 Mu Alpha Theta, Mathematics Honor Society  
 National Science Honor Society Terese Robichaud
 Rho Kappa, National Social Studies Honor Society Terry Turner
French National Honor Society Helen Mazikins
 Spanish National Honor Society  Alexandra Hicks
 The International Thespian Society  

Student Government Association (SGA)


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