Health Room

Hours of Operation

Open Daily 7:15 am to 2:15 pm

Phone - 240.740.2402
Fax - 301.972.7943


Teresa Fanflik, Health Technician

Janet Lee, SCHN, School Nurse


Services Available:

Health assessments, crisis intervention, health counseling, communicable disease prevention and control, health education/promotion, case management of students with serious medical conditions, first aid, administration of medications and medically prescribed treatments, and emergency care. Applications are available for students needing health insurance through the state, for families that meet financial guidelines. Coupons are available for students needing eyeglasses who do not have insurance and who meet financial guidelines.

Please be sure the health room staff is aware of any health issues or concerns relating to your child.

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Frequently Requested Forms:

* Authorization to Administer Prescribed Medication form MCPS 525-13
* Management for Anaphylaxis form MCPS 525-14
* Authorization to Provide Medically Prescribed Treatment MCPS 525-12
* Diabetes Letter to Parents 
 Maryland Diabetes Medical Management Plan/ Health Care Provider Order Form
* Sports Physical Form SRS-6
* When to Keep Your Child Home from School Letter

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 A Note on Medication Policy

It is likely that during the school year, your child will have a medication prescribed for the treatment of a health issue. In the event that your child will need medication during the school day, please note the following guidelines:

All medications, including over-the-counter (OTC) meds, require Form 525-13, Authorization to Administer Prescribed Medication.

 Prescription medication should be provided in its original container with Pharmacists label attached. Label must match information provided by the doctor on medication form (name, dosage, time to be given). OTC medications must be in an un-opened container/box.

Students may "self carry" emergency medication such as EpiPens (form needed: 525-14) and Inhalers (form needed: 525-13) with a physicians order and approval by the School Health Nurse.

For the safety of your student as well as other students at school, all medications must be delivered to the health room by a parent/guardian or designated adult.

Under no circumstances will the school administer medications or allow students to take medications that do not follow the aforementioned rules.

 As always, please feel free to contact the health room with any questions or concerns.

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