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Allie Hicks, Resource Teacher 

Mission Statement

The mission of the world languages program at Poolesville High School is to prepare students to be linguistically and culturally competent in languages other than English. The ability to communicate in a culturally appropriate manner with speakers of other languages is the key to success in the increasingly diverse global community of the 21st century. As students develop proficiency in world languages and an understanding of the underlying values and beliefs of other cultures, they gain the skills that are essential to meaningful communication. Throughout the course of the school year our goal is to provide students with meaningful classroom practice. Students will participate in guided practice of language functions while developing independent proficiency through a variety of Interpretive, Interpersonal and Presentational Communication. In the classroom, students will use the language through the simulation of real life activities, interpret authentic resources and create situations that stimulate learning.


Leonardo DeValoes , Teacher
Angela Diaz, Teacher
Allie Hicks , Teacher
Helen Mazikins, Teacher
Melanie Rivera-Rivera, Teacher


National French Contest Study Links:

Click HERE for more information

 smallsunSummer Spanish Language Practice and AP Spanish Assignment 

(updated June 28, 2016) 

Over the summer, all students should review and practice thier language skills.  The website shown below will provide the opportunity for students of all levels of Spanish to practice thier listening and vocabulary skills.  Students should use the tab menu at the top of the website to select the activities at the level they need to practice (see table below for your level).  Explore this website, as there is a wide range of opportunities to practice listening, reading and comprehending in many styles, including video and written words.  Students should practice and review.  No written packets will be provided or required at the beginning of the school year. 

Website Level Class you will be taking in 2013-2014
 Beginning Level  Spanish 1
 Intermediate Level A  Spanish 2
 Intermediate Level B  Spanish 3
 Advanced Level A  Spanish 4
 Advanced Level B  Spanish 5
 Superior Level  AP Spanish and Spanish 6 

Website for Spanish Practice!



French Summer Assignments

Summer practice for all French students click HERE (updated 6/1/16)


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