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Downcounty Consortium: Wheaton High School


Wheaton Academy Programs

Bioscience Academy 

Bioscience Academy at Wheaton High School is a four-year academy that allows students with a special interest in the medical sciences or biosciences to pursue their career interests. Students in the Bioscience pathway will experience in-depth learning opportunities that focus on human physiology, research, bioinformatics and molecular biology.  Students in the Biosciences pathway will develop problems solving skills through hands-on laboratory investigations. Academy students will participate in focused job shadows to college and business sites and use the latest laboratory and computer equipment together with the latest research to gain real-world lab experiences. The Bioscience Academy gives students an opportunity to intern at medical facilities, gain college credits, and prepare for one of the many careers in the rapidly expanding field of medicine and health care.

Engineering Academy 

The advanced engineering program is a four-year sequence of courses that challenges students of all abilities to become actively engaged in hands-on learning experiences using math, science, and technology. ​In the Academy of Engineering, students learn and apply the design process, develop strong teamwork and communication skills, and are challenged to think critically and solve problems that are relevant to the field of engineering.  Students use the same industry-leading 3D design software used by companies like Intel, Lockheed Martin, and Pixar.  They explore aerodynamics, astronautics, and space life sciences.  This academy is designed for all students interested in pursuing an advanced career in the field of engineering.

Information Technology (AOIT)

The Academy of Information Technology (AOIT) at Wheaton High School is a four-year academy that​ prepares students for further study and careers in the field of Computer Science. Students complete a sequence of four courses, starting with an overview of the Computing and Information Technology field and professing through a more in-depth study of computer science and programming.  AOIT offers students the chance to use their knowledge to produce programs for new computer games, weather forecasting, controlling robots, medical diagnosis, and designing and planning in architecture. Through a rigorous curriculum, AOIT students have an opportunity to earn college credit as well as participate in various career-based experiences such as internships, focused job shadows, team competitions, and college and industry site visits. Wheaton's Academy of Information Technology prepares students for broad career opportunities in today's digital workforce.

Global Studies Academy (GSA)

The Global Studies Academy (GSA) is a unique high school program that prepares students for leadership in our global society. GSA builds on students’ out of school experiences, challenging them to deepen their understanding of the world and its people. GSA students learn by doing. They travel beyond their communities, participate in rigorous course work, wrestle with real-world problems, and conduct independent research. The academy courses sharpen students’ reading, writing, and research skills. Upon successful completion of GSA, students will be well-prepared for the college and career of their choice in our increasingly interconnected world.