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How to Enroll in the Downcounty Consortium High Schools

Welcome to the Downcounty Consortium (DCC)

The DCC High Schools include Montgomery Blair, Albert Einstein, John F. Kennedy, Northwood and Wheaton. Please verify that you live in the DCC area by visiting the school assignment locator tool on the MCPS website:

School Assignment Locator 


New or Reentering High School Students to the DCC

  1. Contact the Division of Consortia Choice and Application Program Services (DCCAPS) office at (240) 740-2540 to schedule an appointment to register your Grade 9–12 student. (If, however, the student is not a U.S. citizen and has not attended a U.S. school any time during the prior two years, please contact School Counseling, Residency and International Admissions (SCRIA) at 301-230-0686 to begin the enrollment process before contacting DCCAPS).
  2. All students (new or reentering MCPS) must provide MCPS Form 560-24 New Student Information for verification of age, identity, residency, and immunizations, unless homeless at the time of the registration appointment. Also required are transcripts or withdrawal documents (including IEP, if applicable).
  3. You will need to bring the following documents with you to your registration appointment at DCCAPS:
    • Proof of Age of Student
      • Examples of Acceptable Verification Documentation:  Birth certificate and social security number, Passport/Visa, Hospital certificate, Physician’s certificate, Church certificate, Parent’s notarized affidavit (sworn notarized statement attesting to the accuracy of the date of birth), other legal or notarized identification
    • Identity—Person Enrolling Student Must Present:
      • Legal identification AND proof of relationship to student
      • Anyone other than parent or legal guardian must consult with school staff to determine the appropriate form and documentation required for enrollment.
      • Examples of Acceptable Verification Documentation for Identification and Relationship:  Photo ID, driver’s license, passport, permanent resident alien card, naturalization papers, birth certificate, court order, separation or divorce decree, parent’s notarized affidavit (sworn notarized statement attesting to the relationship)
    • Residency—In Montgomery County
      • If homeowner, provide copy of current property tax bill. A copy can be obtained from Montgomery County Division of Treasury at 240-777-8950 or
      •  If renter, provide copy of current (less than 1 year old) lease. If lease is more than 1 year old, copy of lease and a current utility bill
      •  If living in shared housing, provide notarized MCPS Form 335-74: Shared Housing Disclosure and either a copy of the current property tax bill of homeowner or copy of lease of renter with whom student and parent are living and three other appropriate supporting documents.
        • Supporting documents must be in the name of parent/guardian at address shown on MCPS Form 335-74: Shared Housing Disclosure form and could include: W-2, current pay stub, income tax form, two consecutive bank statements, medical bills, car registration, car insurance policy/bill, current utility bill, current phone bill, voter registration card, USCIS application, government or official correspondence at residential address
      • Immunizations—Full Compliance
        • Maryland Immunization Certificate 896, OR
        • Computer-generated printout from doctor’s office
  4. Once the registration materials have been reviewed and copied, the parent will fill out a Choice Form indicating their high school preference.  The base high school as indicated by the school assignment locator tool is always guaranteed.  Requests for high schools outside the base high school, but within the DCC are determined by current enrollment numbers and capacity.
  5. Once the DCCAPS office has determined a high school assignment, the parent will make an appointment with the assigned high school counseling department to become officially enrolled in MCPS and complete course registration.