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Downcounty Consortium: Albert Einstein High School


Academy Programs

International Baccalaureate Academy & Diploma Program

The International Baccalaureate Program Academy is a small learning community that provides highly motivated students an opportunity to pursue a rigorous, comprehensive curriculum based on a global perspective. The academy, within its nurturing environment, offers an internationally recognized course of study that is designed to prepare students for the university experience. Students are encouraged to participate in the Pre-IB courses beginning in Grade 9. The IB Diploma Program begins in Grade 11.

Academy of Finance, Careers & Technology

The academy is designed to introduce students to the broad career opportunities available in the financial and technical services industry. The goal of this academy is to equip students with sound decision-making strategies for their future choices. Honors and Advanced Placement courses are recommended for all academy students. Academy faculty and counselors will support students to help ensure their success

Renaissance Academy for College Readiness

The Renaissance Academy emphasizes the development of mathematical, reading, writing, and public speaking skills and their application in the arts and sciences. Students will master the skills, facts, and theories of academics necessary for college and post graduate success while developing critical thinking skills as they explore the ethical, interpretive, and interpersonal facets of knowledge, history and the arts. Unique student-parent-teacher partnerships are developed for individual student success.

Visual and Performing Arts

The Academy of Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) is a small learning community which focuses on the creative and performing arts. The academy offers coursework for motivated students who are interested in the development of their specific talents. Our intent is to provide academy students with a strong academic program that will prepare them for entry into an artistic careers in the creative and performing arts. During their four years VAPA students should plan to participate in 4 credit hours in theatre, dance, music or art courses. While we recommend honors and Advanced Placement courses, all students are also invited and encouraged to participate in the International Baccalaureate Program and the Academy of Finance. Academy faculty and counselors will work to help ensure student success.


Teacher Academy of Maryland

The Teacher Academy of Maryland prepares students for further education and explores career pathways with an emphasis on careers in education.  Upon successful completion of the program and passing the ParaPro or Praxis Core, high school graduates are ready for employment in the field of education.  Many of the state of Maryland's colleges and universities offer scholarships for Teacher Academy of Maryland students and they can leave high school having already earned college credit.  


Application-Only Programs

Visual Arts Center (VAC)