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Enrollment in the Downcounty Consortium

  • Parents of current Grade 8 students who enroll in any Downcounty Consortium (DCC) feeder middle school during the school year should contact the student's middle school counselor for high school Choice information.
  • Parents of current Grade 8 private school or home-schooled students who live within the Downcounty Consortium area should contact the Division of Consortia Choice and Application Services (DCCAPS) at (240) 740-2540 to schedule an appointment with the registrar.
  • Parents of students currently in Grades 9, 10, 11, and 12, new to the Downcounty Consortium attendance area, must call DCCAPS at (240) 740-2540 to schedule an appointment with the registrar. After enrollment and assignment to a DCC high School, the parent(s) and student will be directed to the assigned school to complete course registration. This procedure applies to both current MCPS students and to those who are new to MCPS.

Due to staffing and other resource requirements, new MCPS students enrolling into the consortia after the first day of school will be assigned to their base area school at the DCCAPS office. In February of each school year, students in Grades 9, 10, and 11 have the opportunity to go through the Change of Choice process to request assignment to a different DCC school for the following year.

Documents Necessary for Enrollment in the Downcounty Consortium

Parents must accompany their child(ren) to complete the enrollment process. The following documents must be presented at the time of enrollment:

  • Student's birth certificate with parent name and the student's immunization record
  • Proof of residency (most recent consolidated tax bill or current lease and a current utility bill)
  • New home: signed settlement papers
  • Shared housing: a notarized shared housing disclosure form (MCPS Form 335-74), a copy of the property owner's consolidated tax bill or lease agreement and utility bill, and three documents with the parent/guardian name and the address of the shared housing location (cell phone bill, bank statement, pay stub, etc.)
  • Most recent report card and/or student transcript and withdrawal papers from previous school (when transferring during the school year)

International Students

For international students who are new to this country or have attended school in the United States two years or less, please visit the International Admissions and Enrollment website  

Residency Compliance

For persons who are not the parent or legal guardian (court documented), please call 240-740-4500.