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 Downcounty Consortium: Blair High School


Academy Programs

Entrepreneurship & Business Management

The Academy of Entrepreneurship and Business Management is designed for students who wish to gain the skills and expertise to manage a start-up or existing business. Students with an entrepreneurial spirit will have access to the resources and guidance needed to bring their unique ideas to life.

Human Service Professions

The Human Service Professions Academy is designed for students with the heart, mind, and desire to serve their community. Students will acquire skills necessary to protect, teach, train, or care for, and effectively work with people in the community.

International Studies

The Academy of International Studies is designed for students who wish to tear down institutional and language barriers and rebuild cooperative and multicultural systems in our emerging global society. Students will develop an understanding of the roles of political power, economic development, language, culture, and religion in the shaping of a multicultural world.

Media, Music, and The Arts

The Academy of Media, Music, and The Arts is designed for students who wish to create, produce, and analyze mass media in written, spoken, audio, or visual forms. Students will develop the skills needed to make independent judgments about media content and its influence on the world around them.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

The Academy of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math is designed for students with a passion to use science and mathematics to solve problems. Students will develop communication, collaboration, and research skills that will prepare them for careers in the mathematics and sciences.

Application-Only Programs

Communication Arts Program (CAP)
Program office: (301) 649-2854

Science, Math, and Computer Science Magnet
Magnet program office: (301) 649-8241