Statement Issued on Einstein High School Gun Incident

April 11, 2008
Board of Education Officers and Superintendent Praise Cooperative Efforts of School and Safety Officials in Resolving Gun Incident at Albert Einstein High School

Board of Education President Nancy Navarro, Board of Education Vice President Shirley Brandman, and Superintendent of Schools Jerry D. Weast have issued the following statement praising the actions of Albert Einstein Principal James Fernandez and his staff and the Montgomery County Department of Police in safely resolving a serious incident involving weapons at the school on Wednesday, April 9, 2008.

We wish to recognize the leadership of Albert Einstein Principal James Fernandez and the dedication of his staff in addressing a very serious situation at the school in which loaded weapons were brought to the school campus. Thanks to the efforts and expertise of Albert Einstein High School administration and officers of the Montgomery County Department of Police, the incident was resolved without injuries. The outstanding level of cooperation between school leadership and law enforcement personnel was critical in protecting the students and staff of the school. The presence on campus of an Educational Facilities Officer (EFO), a uniformed police officer assigned to the Einstein cluster, played an important role in the successful investigation, as did the use of high resolution security cameras that helped identify the suspects in the case.
We know that this incident has caused considerable anxiety among parents and students, and we would like to assure the entire Albert Einstein High School community of our commitment to providing a safe and secure learning environment for every child.  We will be vigilant in assuring that all our schools are a safe and welcoming place for all our children and staff.

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