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Getting To and From School

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School Bus

Bus transportation is provided for students attending their home school who reside beyond the following distances:

  • Elementary schools: beyond 1 mile
  • Middle schools: beyond 1.5 miles
  • High schools: beyond 2 miles

In addition, transportation may be provided for students who face hazardous walking conditions (regardless of distance from school) and students in certain specialized programs. Bus routes and schedules are sent to parents by the school during the summer and also are available on the MCPS website. All bus routes and bus stops for the school are listed; you need to look through the list of stops and find the one that is closest to your home.

Four-digit bus route numbers are posted in the side window near the front of the bus. These numbers are printed in black on a white background. Students and parents should memorize this number. The number that is painted on the bus, usually on the body and bumpers, is not used for bus route identification.

 If you have questions about your child's bus route, call the bus depot office that serves your cluster. Be sure to refer to the four-digit bus route number when making inquiries or reporting concerns.

Students may not ride on a different bus without their parent's permission. Contact the main office of your child's school to find out the school's procedures. Students are responsible for their behavior on the bus and at bus stops. Riding the bus is a privilege, and students who violate the behavior and safety rules may have bus-riding privileges temporarily or permanently denied.

Activity buses may be available at your child's school to take students home following extracurricular activities. The activity bus routes are usually different than the regular bus routes. Check with your child's school for activity bus schedules and routes.

Additional Information 


Younger walkers are encouraged to walk to and from school with siblings, older children from their neighborhood, or parents. At many schools, Montgomery County crossing guards help walkers cross at busy intersections near the school. In most elementary schools, student safety patrols guide younger children in crossing smaller neighborhood streets.


All schools have designated student drop-off and pick-up zones. For safety reasons, parents must use these areas when dropping off children at school. Parents are reminded to drive slowly and cautiously while on school property.

Student Parking

High school students who want or need to drive to school must apply for a parking space at the school. If the request is approved, a school parking sticker will be issued and you will be asked to pay a nonrefundable fee. For additional information, contact your child's high school.

Ride-On and Metrobus Service