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Journey to Graduation 2024: Hard Work Pays Off

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Recent 2024 graduate, Edna Reyes has successfully navigated and completed three programs simultaneously and earned a recognition for students who have studied and attained proficiency in two or more languages in high school. 

Reyes earned her high school diploma from her home school, Damascus High School. She also successfully completed the rigorous three-year cosmetology program at Gaithersburg High School, the requirements to earn an Associate’s Degree in behavioral health from Montgomery College through the dual enrollment program and also graduated with the prestigious Maryland Seal of Biliteracy.

“Edna is an amazing student, she really set the bar high" said cosmetology teacher Stephanie Hart. “It's encouraging to see that someone could be so locked in; she personifies diligence. She personifies hard work. 

Reyes is of El Salvadoran descent and credits her parents’ support and determination to provide the opportunity to receive a good education and take advantage of the opportunities available to her.

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“They (my parents) have always demanded that we get a degree,” said Reyes. “They helped me do everything I wanted to do. They were born in El Salvador, they immigrated here to the United States to have us and they stayed here to give us every opportunity that we found.” 

She plans to utilize her cosmetology training this summer and plans to continue her higher education.