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NASA Astronauts Surprise Students at Rolling Terrace


Students at Rolling Terrace Elementary received a big surprise just before spring break. Three National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) astronauts visited the school to talk about their experiences in our galaxy.


Frank Rubio, a board-certified physician and flight surgeon, holds the record for the longest single duration spaceflight for an American astronaut. Sultan Al Neyadi is the first United Arab Emirates astronaut to serve a 6-month mission on the International Space Station. Stephen Bowen, an American submariner, is the first and only astronaut to fly on consecutive space shuttle missions to the International Space Station.


The astronauts shared valuable information from their different studies in space and answered questions. From what it felt like to float in space, to where they get water to drink, the astronauts answered questions with enthusiasm and brought many smiles and sounds of surprise among the students.


They had incredible stories of how NASA chose them to become astronauts. Each of their stories had a common theme—the importance of not giving up on your dreams and that goals are different for everyone. The astronauts indicated that mathematics, science, technology and engineering are the key focus areas for students who want to follow in their footsteps. They also highlighted the importance of participating in STEM programs.

Before saying goodbye, the space adventurers gave a unique gift to Rolling Terrace principal Isabelle Mensah. They presented her with framed photos of their missions and an American flag that was in space. The items will be on display at Rolling Terrace to inspire all students to follow their dreams.