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2022-2023 Annual Report and New School Profiles Dashboards Now Available


Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) announces the release of the 2022–2023 Annual Report to the Community website. This comprehensive report summarizes stories and highlights of the past school year, providing valuable information about student and operational performance, as well as the progress made in fulfilling MCPS' vision and mission. In addition to the printed version, an interactive online report has been created to ensure accessibility for all stakeholders.

The annual report includes key sections with highlights from the 2022‒2023 school year: the Antiracist System Action Plan, the Pathway to College, Career, and Community Readiness, and data on student performance, graduation, services and workforce. It also provides progress updates from the Strategic Plan and information on the operating and capital budgets. This report offers a valuable, comprehensive overview of the district's achievements and initiatives.

New MCPS School Profile Data Dashboard

MCPS is introducing the School Profiles Dashboard, which will replace the Schools at a Glance report and provide a clearer understanding of district and school-level data, in alignment with the Antiracist System Action Plan. The School Profiles Dashboard will include academic milestone data, ensuring alignment with the Pathway to College, Career, and Community Readiness. Links to school profiles will be available on the MCPS website, offering easy access to official data reported to the Montgomery County Board of Education and the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE).

The School Profiles Dashboard is designed to be all-inclusive, providing summary charts and graphs of school and district data. It is available in eight languages, ensuring that all members of the community can access and understand the information. The dashboard also offers flexibility, allowing users to save data as an Excel file or to print PDFs. The dashboard is also comprehensive, enabling users to select data by school, level or the entire district.

"These tools were developed to meet the requests of our community for more information in easy-to-understand ways, and we believe they will make a significant impact in providing transparency and insights into our progress,” said Stephanie Sheron, Chief of Strategic Initiatives. “We are proud of the hard work and dedication of our team in creating these resources, and we look forward to the positive impact they will have on our community." 

The implementation of the School Profiles Dashboard will occur in three phases.

  • Phase 1, beginning on Tuesday, Dec. 5, will include the 2022–2023 school year data. The 2023–2024 data will be updated in early 2024, following verification of MSDE data.
  • Phase 2, scheduled for spring 2024, will introduce safety and security and special education profiles, along with selected enhancements based on feedback gathered during dashboard development.
  • Phase 3, planned for fall 2024, will include updates on the 2023–2024 pathway academic milestones and additional selected enhancements.

MCPS is committed to providing transparency, accountability and access to information for the community. 

Use the following links to access these tools.