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Students Donate Computer Lab to the Potomac Chinese School

Edison Donation.jpg

The Network Operations program of the Montgomery County Students Information Technology Foundation, Inc. (ITF) at Thomas Edison High School of Technology donated a computer lab to the Potomac Chinese School for its annual giffting ceremony. The school focuses on providing rigorous and educational experiences for K-12 students in Chinese communities throughout Montgomery County.

 The Potomac Chinese School plans to supplement its current curriculum and culture classes with computers and enhance computer programming instruction. The computer lab will also be utilized to help Chinese immigrants learn English and help with the American Chinese School’s mission to, “serve the community, promote Chinese culture and cultivate outstanding Chinese descendants who can adapt to American and Chinese societies.”

ITF students at Edison High School reconditioned six computers with operating systems, monitors, keyboards, mice and a printer. This project provides an opportunity for the ITF students to practice computer maintenance skills, earn student service learning hours and develop an appreciation for charity and community involvement.

The ITF is a non-profit organization established cooperatively by the Montgomery County business community and MCPS. It provides hands-on training for high school students to earn valuable computer certifications that will prepare them for higher education opportunities or direct entry into the information technology job market.