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Inclusive and Welcoming Learning in MCPS--Frequently Asked Question

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MCPS is committed to cultivating an inclusive and welcoming learning environment and seeks to create opportunities where all students see themselves and their families in curriculum materials. In alignment with Board of Education Policy, MCPS has a responsibility to include instructional materials that reflect the diversity of the local and global community by exploring the aspirations, issues and achievements of people with disabilities, people from diverse racial, ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds, as well as those of diverse gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation. 

To provide clarity concerning the use of these instructional materials, MCPS has prepared a English Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document ( español Chinesefrançais Português KoreanVietnameseArabicAmharic). This resource aims to address inquiries and provide additional information about the LGBTQ+ inclusive texts that have been introduced as part of instructional materials for grade-level standards instruction.