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Journey to Graduation: Hard Work Pays Off

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More than 12,000 MCPS students are receiving diplomas during the graduation season that ends today, June 12. Below, MCPS features three of our amazing graduates.

A Damascus High School graduate, Edna successfully completed three simultaneous programs during her journey as an MCPS student. She is a first-generation student of Salvadoran descent who earned her high school diploma, while completing the rigorous three-year cosmetology program at Gaithersburg High School, the requirements to earn an associate’s degree from Montgomery College through the dual-enrollment program and graduated with the Maryland Seal of Biliteracy. 

Michell, a Watkins Mill High School graduate, began her journey when she arrived to the U.S. from Guatemala when she was 12 years old. She faced many challenges as she adapted to learning a new language, new culture and new school system. However, with hard work, she not only overcame the challenges, but she also excelled academically, taking Advanced Placement and Honors classes. She is a member of the National Honor Society, and also earned the Maryland Seal of Biliteracy. She aspires to become a teacher and inspire other students the same way her teachers inspired her.

Caroline, a Winston Churchill High School graduate, suffered from severe depression early in high school. Now, heading to college at Johns Hopkins University, Caroline plans to use those experiences to become a beacon of support to others.