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Latest EquityMatters! Includes Resources for Addressing War in Israel, Palestine

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This month’s MCPS EquityMatters! newsletter opens with the article, “What is the Role of a Newsletter Called EquityMatters! in Moments Like This?” It raises questions and provides resources for supporting students, families and colleagues during challenging times, such as the war in Israel and Gaza. Please give us your insights.

The newsletter also includes a video about Diwali and resources for creating anti-racist and culturally responsive parent-teacher conferences. 

Also in this edition:

  • Resources for Understanding and Addressing the War in Israel and Gaza
  • Holidays and Celebrations: Diwali and Native American Heritage Month
  • Antiracist and Culturally Responsive Family Engagement
  • Getting Ready for Parent-Teacher Conferences 
  • Dialogue to Create an Inclusive and Equitable School Community