How do I change my password when I am on my home computer or other computer that is not on the MCPS network? 

You have several options for changing your password when you are not on the MCPS network.

1. You can use Outlook Web Access to reset your password.  Log into Outlook Web Access at .  Click on Options on the top right menu bar.  Click on Change Password on the left side menu bar.  Enter your old password and your new password, as prompted.  Click Save at the top of the screen.  You will automatically be logged out of Outlook Web Access and can log back in with your new password.    

2. If you have previously registered for password self-service you may answer the challenge questions you previously set up to change your password to a new one.

3. Call the MCPS Help Desk at 301-517-5800.


I previously registered for password reset but I get an error when I try to click the link for “Forgot your password?” 

I get an error like below. 


Password registration was updated in May 2015.  If you registered with the previous version of myID password registration, the questions and answers are no longer available and you will need to call the MCPS Help Desk to have your password reset.