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Welcome to MCPS's Self-Service Password Reset



What is SSPR?

MCPS Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) is used to easily set a new password on your account. MySSPR is useful when you have forgotten your password or want to change your password for any reason. You might have set up something similar to verify your identity when logging into an application such as online banking.


What recovery options do I have?

To use SSPR, users need to set up a recovery option. There are four options available for users to register for SSPR: text/phone, personal e-mail, security questions, or authenticator app.

Set up to use Text/Phone

Training Video - Register Phone Number
Set up to use Personal E-Mail

Training Video - Register Personal E-Mail
Set up to use Security Questions

Training Video - Register Security Questions
Set up to use Authenticator App

Training Video - Register Authenticator App



How do I register?

Once SSPR is enabled for you, when you log in using the Azure AD apple/books login page (i.e.,, you will receive a prompt upon login stating "More information required." This is the registration process for SSPR. You also may go directly to to register as well. If you do not see the prompt asking for more information, then SSPR has not been enabled for you yet; you can expect an email regarding the rollout of SSPR to your school or office soon.


SSPR not enabled for you yet?

SSPR has been enabled for all staff and contractors, You also may go directly to to register.


How do I update my responses?

To update your responses and/or personal contact info for SSPR go to to verify and/or update your answers.


More Details

Check out the SSPR Support Guide (Google Doc) for additional details.