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Innovative Communication Challenge


Montgomery County Public Schools is launching the fourth year of its student contest, United We Learn. This year’s contest, United We Learn: Innovative Communication Challenge, encourages students to think about how communication affects their daily lives, and how technology can be used to enhance communication.

Who? MCPS students at all levels (elementary and secondary), in groups of two to four.

What? Middle and high school students are challenged to conceptualize an Amazon Alexa Skill (or series of skills) that shares important information about the school district. Elementary school students are challenged to design a web page that shares important information about their school. (See the rules for details.)

Timing? Contest opens Nov. 18, 2019. Submissions are due Dec. 20, 2019.

Contest Rules:

  • To be eligible, all members of the team must be enrolled in Montgomery County Public Schools.
  • Entries must be an original product.
  • Entries must be created in groups of two to four students
  • Entries must be submitted via the online submission form by 5 p.m. Dec. 20, 2019.
  • Submissions will be judged by a panel comprised of representatives from Montgomery County Public Schools and participating partner organizations.
  • See the full contest rules here