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Janie Earle

Kindergarten Teacher
Poolesville Elementary School

Teacher of the Year Finalist

Janie Earle is a kindergarten teacher and team leader at Poolesville Elementary School. She is in her eighth year of teaching.

Like many educators, Earle’s love of teaching started at a young age. She can’t remember ever wanting to do anything else. Colleagues and parents say she has an energetic, positive and nurturing personality. She regularly provides updates to parents on classroom activities and warmly welcomes their involvement in school-related activities. She’s also a collaborative and supportive colleague, readily sharing expertise, insights and resources with fellow educators.

She tailors her teaching methods to accommodate students’ diverse learning styles and abilities, and instills in them confidence to take on challenges. Her encouragement, positive reinforcement and personalized approach create an environment where every child feels valued and motivated to learn. Her focus on differentiation, hands-on approaches to learning, effective use of supporting staff and even a full-time classroom volunteer, enable her students to meet expectations.

Earle’s classroom is a world where she emphasizes respect, collaboration and kindness, ensuring that her students not only thrive academically, but also develop essential social and emotional skills crucial for their growth. She makes learning fun, breaking up the academic portions of the day with dancing, educational songs and movement to keep the students alert and engaged. She engages students of all backgrounds and their families, and celebrates all cultures. She has an innate ability to recognize and celebrate the strengths and backgrounds of each student in her class, and they, in turn, feel encouraged to contribute their perspectives and experiences to the learning process. She promotes empathy, understanding and cooperation.

Poolesville is a close-knit community, and Earle often is in the community, attending school and town events with her family. Seeing her outside the classroom thrills her current and former students.

She previously taught kindergarten at Ashburton Elementary School.