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WebTrips: Field Trip Request System


  • Needing a new field trip "Destination"? Please contact Mr. Elie Louis Jacques (Field Trip Coordinator).
  • MCPS funded activities (MFA fund) must be requested using a spreadsheet provided by Elmer Martinez.  Therefore, schools shouldn't be entering requests for these type of activities thru the Web Trips application.
  •  EBB activities must be requested using a spreadsheet provided by Elmer Martinez, so schools shouldn't be entering requests thru the Web Trips application.
  • Throughout the school year, buses are available for field trips during the hours of 9:40 a.m. - 2:10 p.m., which do not interfere with regular transportation programs.  Buses are available after 4:35 p.m. on school days and are also available on weekends.  Due to bell time modifications, it is imperative that buses arrive back to school no later than 2:10 p.m.
  • Does your school need help with Web Trips? The Transportation Field Trip Unit staff will be happy to answer your questions. Please call 240-740-0129 for assistance.
  • New field trip rates for FY 2024 will be billed at $38.75 per hour and $1.90 per mile for any type of field trip. All trips will continue to have at least a mandatory 10-mile minimum deadhead mileage charge ($19.00) and a minimum charge of 1 hour for "Gas and Waiting" ($38.75). Total deadhead: $57.75.
  • Please avoid billing errors by using the correct fund and trip category combination. Make sure that your trip category on the trip request matches the first capital letters of the fund name.
  • Please help the Department of Transportation by entering and approving your school trip requests 10 weekdays in advance. You need to call the Field Trip Unit for all trip requests entered with less than 10 days notice to make sure that the trip request is "Accepted".

Field Trip Rules

  • Trips can be requested any time other than morning and afternoon peak hour transportation times
  • Trips may be for distances up to 50 miles one way during school days
  • School day window for field trip operations is from 9:40 a.m. to 2:10 p.m.
  • Trips must be requested 10 weekdays prior to the trip date
  • Each bus may carry a maximum of 55 passengers.