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Department of Infrastructure and Operations

The mission of the Department of Infrastructure and Operations (DIO) is to manage the enterprise-wide technical systems, including the data center, network connections, e-mail, and telephones, and to facilitate the implementation of effective, secure, and reliable hardware and software solutions. 

Areas of Focus

 Database Administration

 Data Center

 Telecommunications Services

 Network Security

 Enterprise Systems

 Help Desk

 Technical Services and Support

Help Desk

Not an emergency? Sign in to UniCenter Service Desk to create a Help Desk request for service. Refer to the  following steps when enter a help desk request.

Help us help you! (Information required before contacting us) 

For immediate assistance,

Specialists available Monday-Friday
7am-5pm (except holidays) 

Online User Protection

At MCPS, we take the safety of your personal information and MCPS online identity seriously.  Accordingly, we continue to improve our systems and processes to help mitigate these instances, but the best systems can’t solve this problem alone.  We need your help in preventing these types of situations and continuing to educate and raise your awareness is the most effective way we can prevent this from happening.

  • Do not click a link in an email unless you are completely certain that it is safe to do so  
  • Do not reveal personal or financial information in an email 
  • Always access MCPS applications and websites by visiting the website directly or by clicking the shortcuts within a trusted MCPS website  
  • Ignore attachments that you were not expecting, especially if you don’t know the sender 
  • Never give out personal details by email or fill-in forms that pop up when you open an email as these will often be phishing attempts 
  • If you haven’t given your address to a business that emails you, do not open or interact with the message 
  • If you get a notice from a financial institution stating that you need to update your details or change your password, do not follow the instructions  

For more information read the full memo or refer to our IGT-RA User Responsibilities for Computer Systems and Network Security

Contact Us  

Department of Infrastructure and Operations
Carver Educational Services Center
45 West Gude Drive, Suite 3300
Rockville 20850

Phone:  240-740-5656
Fax:  301-279-3864

Mr. Chuck McGee, Director II  

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