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Frequently Asked Questions

What documents should I bring to International Admissions and Enrollment (IAE) to begin the admissions process?
All parents/guardians enrolling student (new or reentering MCPS) should bring verification of student's age, student identity, official parent/guardian photo identification, proof of residency, and immunizations. If homeless, refer to enrolling homeless students.

The following forms must be completed:

• New Student Information Form
• Shared Housing Disclosure (if applicable)

See How To Enroll for details.

Are parents required to come with their children for the admissions process at IAE?
Yes. A parent must accompany the child during the admission process to provide information about the minor and to receive information about MCPS. Students who are 18 years or older and living independently from their parents do not need to be accompanied by a parent.

Does MCPS accept students from exchange student organizations?
Yes. MCPS admits students for up to one school year to students who have met the requirements for admissions and who are sponsored by an approved exchange student organization. The official local representative of the exchange student organization is responsible to apply for admission by contacting IAE.
Guidelines for the Admission and Enrollment of Exchange Students 

Are there any deadlines for the enrollment of international students in MCPS?
No. International students may be admitted into school as soon as they settle in Montgomery County. The deadline for applications of exchange students and I-20 applicants for F-1 student visa is as follows:
Fall enrollment: June 30
Spring enrollment: December 15 

How does International Admissions and Enrollment assign students to schools?
Students in MCPS attend the school that serves the students living in a particular community. The boundaries of the home school are determined by the Board of Education. IAE usually assigns students to their home school, however students will be referred to the Consortia Office if residing within the consortium schools. Students who are English language learners are assigned to schools with intensive English centers.