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The Bilingual Assessment Team provides services to pre-kindergarten students whose parents speak a language other than English.

Head Start

If a child who is an English Language Learner (ELL) is suspected of having an educational disability:

  • The Eductional Management Team (EMT) should refer to BAT for language dominance determination.
  • After the child's dominant language has been determined to be a language other than English, the IEP team may refer to BAT when the team then recommends educational assessment. All other recommended assessments (e.g., psychological and/or speech-language assessment) are to be completed by Head Start personnel with an interpreter, when appropriate.

Child Find

If a child who is an English Language Learner (ELL) is referred for further assessment by the Child Find clinic:

  • Refer to BAT for the educational and psychological assessments.
  • Submit referral for a speech-language assessment to the supervisor of Speech-Language Programs.

Pre-kindergartners Enrolled in Special Education

Pre-kindergarten students who are English Language Learners and who receive special education services may be referred to the BAT office when the IEP team recommends psychological assessment. All other recommended assessments are to be conducted by local school personnel, with the assistance of an interpreter when appropriate.